Irate Driver Tries To Cut Off Donald Trump Florida Motorcade, Flashes Obscene Gestures When Pulled Over

Donald Trump spent his Thanksgiving weekend at his so-called “Winter White House” at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. As CNN reports, Saturday’s golf rounds marked the 81st day The Donald has spent at one of his own golf clubs since he was inaugurated in January. Reportedly, the controversial Republican president is on track to triple Barack Obama’s golf days during the former president’s first year in office, and not everybody in Florida is stoked at the inconvenience that goes along with hosting a president at leisure.

As Fox News reports, at least one Palm Beach resident had more than enough of Donald Trump and the time-consuming inconvenience that goes hand-in-hand with hosting his golf vacations. In fact, the angry driver was apparently so sick of being held up by one of Trump’s golf days that he made the regrettable decision to try to cut into Trump’s motorcade with his red van. Then, when the angry motorist found himself pulled over and temporarily detained, he reportedly responded with obscene gestures and a potty mouth.

“A man in a red van attempted to cut into the motorcade. Local law enforcement pulled over the vehicle, where the driver made obscene gestures and screamed several expletives.”

As the New York Post reports, the male driver of the red van was immediately pulled over after attempting to infiltrate Donald Trump’s presidential motorcade, which was returning from the Trump International golf club in West Palm Beach to Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, a trip which usually takes roughly 10 minutes to complete. According to official logs, Donald Trump and his people spent about six hours at the president’s golf club before returning to his lauded (but wholly unofficial and often controversial) “Winter White House” at 1:52 p.m. local time Saturday.

At approximately the same point as local law enforcement pulled over and questioned the driver of the red van, anti-Donald Trump protesters lined the Florida streets. Many held homemade signs, with at least one reading “Don the Con Man.”

According to a report by the Associated Press, Donald Trump had just completed a round of golf with political supporter and golfing legend Jack Nicklaus and the man’s son, Gerry. On Friday, Trump claimed to have played with A-list golfers Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson.

As CNN reports, neither Donald Trump nor his tightly-wrangled White House regularly confirms whether or not Trump is actually golfing when he visits golf clubs. On Friday, however, the vacationing president handled the confirmation himself by announcing that he was golfing with the stars. On Saturday, when the unidentified, red van-driving man was pulled over for attempting to cut off the Trump motorcade, Trump was in the middle of the fourth day in a row of golf. Trump is slated to return “home” to Washington, D.C., on Sunday.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that a Trump motorcade has made headlines. In late October, a woman in Virginia famously flipped off the presidential procession in Virginia as it drove by while she rode her bicycle. Her efforts cost her her job. However, as the New York Post reports, that minor setback was offset by a crowdfunding campaign which raised over $73,000 by November 14.

Trump has yet to comment on Saturday’s motorcade incident.

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]