Jenelle Evans’ Custody Battle Over Kaiser Has Been Put On Hold

Wherever Jenelle Evans goes, drama seems to follow, and when she’s discussing custody of her son Kaiser, it’s no different. The mom-of-three, who shares custody of her eldest son, Jace, with her mother, Barbara, is now facing a court battle for her second son, Kaiser. The battle has been initiated by Kaiser’s father Nathan’s mother, who has become concerned about Jenelle’s ability to effectively parent the 3-year-old.

Nathan’s mother, Doris, has become increasingly concerned about Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason’s ability to care for her grandson. While Nathan is not allowed to have Kaiser by himself, she has accused Jenelle and David of laying hands on Kaiser. The boy has been photographed with bruises on his upper arms, and Nathan’s mom, Doris, has stated that Kaiser came to her house once with handprints on him from an open-handed slap.

At one point, Doris even requested emergency custody of Kaiser, due to the fact that she felt Jenelle and David were abusing him. The accusations came to a head when David was seen dragging him across the yard by the upper arm on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2. As expected, the boy cried and howled, and at one point yelled, “Feed me!”

While the custody case looked as though it was going to heat up, it has now been put on hold. This is due to the fact that Doris’ husband, Nathan’s step-father, has fallen ill, and the family is focusing on his health at the moment instead of the custody battle.

Jenelle Evans has stated that she believes her mother, Barbara Evans, is partially behind the accusations against her. Although Barbara has appeared on Teen Mom 2 to want a relationship with Jenelle despite the custody issues with Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, Jenelle has stated she believes she is feeding information to Doris.

On a recent Teen Mom 2 special, Jenelle’s mother stated that because of the custody situation with Jace, she is not allowed to have a relationship with any of her other grandchildren. As such, she does not see Kaiser or Jenelle’s infant daughter, Ensley, as much as she would like.

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