Naked Man Having Sex While Driving Car Crashes Into Tree, Had 3-Month-Old Baby In Backseat

A man driving drunk and having sex with a woman crashed his car into a tree in Washington state, and police said what they found in the backseat was even more shocking.

The incident took place in Tacoma, where the Washington State Patrol said the crash took place at around 6 p.m. on Wednesday, CBS News reported. They said the man was naked and having sex when he missed a curve on the road, causing his car to crash into a tree. Police said the woman’s 3-month-old baby was in the backseat, but was uninjured.

As the Independent reported, witnesses said they saw the man and the woman exit the vehicle naked and at least one of them tried to flee the scene. Authorities believe that the couple were rushing to put their clothes back on when police arrived on the scene.

The strange story drew international attention, with news outlets around the globe reporting on the bizarre crash and the couple’s dangerous tryst.

This is not the first case of someone getting into trouble with the law for having sex while driving. Earlier this year, a Florida man was sentenced to five years in prison for speeding while having sex with his wife and crashing the car, leading to the woman’s death. As the Palm Beach Post reported, 33-year-old Matthew Notebaert was drunk when he drove home from a concert in 2014 with his wife. The couple pulled the car over and became intimate, but they started driving again with the woman on Notebaert’s lap.


Police said the car was speeding when Notebaert crashed into a canal. His wife was killed in the crash, and a toxicology report found that Notebaert had a blood alcohol level close to twice the legal limit for Florida. The crash left two children without a mother, and sent the father to prison for a lengthy term.

The man arrested for having sex while driving with a baby in the backseat in Washington this week had a long history with the law, CBS News reported. He had three prior DUI convictions. He now faces charges of felony DUI, vehicular assault, and child endangerment.

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