Malia Obama Blows Smoke Rings In New Leaked Video, ‘Mystery Man Identified’

Like father, like son. This old adage may be true but for former President Barack Obama, it is the other way around. His first daughter, Malia Obama, is recently breaking headlines for herself with her very interesting right of entry into college life. Just a few days ago, she trended for allegedly smoking and making out with a coed during the Harvard-Yale football game. And now, another leaked video of hers is currently making rounds online where she is shown blowing smoke rings.

According to Daily Caller, the leaked video of Malia Obama was filmed in an unclosed bathroom location and was most probably taken by a someone from her circle of friends. It was first posted by Barstool Sports, a sports and men’s lifestyle blog, on Instagram. The post was captioned:

“Firing off them O’s like a boss.”

A voice was also heard overlaying the video, saying,

“[F-word] get your camera right now.”

Moments after it was shared and caught the attention of netizens, gaining over a million hits, the site decided to take the video down due to backlash. However, interested parties were able to secure a copy of it and share it on Twitter.

Interest in Malia Obama’s life has hit an all-time high this week taking over the tabloid headlines from her father, Barack, who is also rumored to be a notorious smoker. During a UN Assembly in 2013, the former U.S. President told officials that he quit smoking for six years because he was scared of his wife, ex-FLOTUS Michelle Obama.

People are asking if there will be a Michelle Obama intervention in Malia Obama’s frequent cigarette-related jaunts.

Naming Mr. Mystery Guy

On the other hand, the mystery man who was caught passionately kissing Malia Obama during a pregame event has been identified. In an exclusive scoop, Daily Mail revealed that the person in question is Rory Farquharson, a sophomore student at Harvard from England.

The 19-year-old lad was the Head of School at Rugby School, one of England’s most prestigious schools, for the school year 2015-2016. The report also noted according to insiders he was very popular among his peers. During his first fall in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he announced in social media:

“So it begins.”

Amid people’s strong opinion on Malia Obama’s recent outings, she is just living a life the way most young adults her age do while finding her place in life.

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