Demi Lovato Sparks Marriage Talk With Wedding Gown Photo

Is Demi Lovato getting hitched? Probably not, but her tease act had many wondering if she is married.

Demi Lovato reportedly split from MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos after dating for a year. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer was recently spotted with Brazilian soccer star Neymar, and the two triggered fleeting talk of a budding relationship. Neymar made it clear he was out on a dinner date with friends, according to TMZ. The 25-year-old singer officially remains single, but a recent image she shared with fans on Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday has left many discussing her “wedding.”

In the image, which looks like a snapshot from a video, Demi Lovato is seen in a strapless wedding gown and a veil. That she shared the image without a caption left a lot unsaid, prompting fans to ask her if she is married or planning to tie the knot. Of course, several others ruled out a wedding, but that did not stop the speculation. Many thought the wedding setup was from a music video shoot for her latest album.

Demi Lovato’s single, “Tell Me You Love Me,” is her last release and is part of her latest album of the same name. “Sorry Not Sorry” was released earlier this year to wide reception. Both songs have been runaway hits and billed as turning points in the singer’s career after her last album, Confident, in 2015.

A year ago, the chartbuster hinted she might not return to music by tweeting she was not cut out for the world of glamour. A year later, she is back with career-defining musical hits, including her latest non-album single, “Echame la Culpa,” with Luis Fonsi.

Lovato has also been an advocate for women’s health but has spoken out against stereotypes and body-shaming. She recently took on her critics who called her ”fat” and “ugly” before performing in Los Angles. According to Daily Mail, the singer urged the crowd to rise above hate and to remain unapologetic. She then performed her hit single, “Sorry Not Sorry.”

While Demi Lovato has not explained the wedding gown image, it can be assumed she is single. In August, the singer said she was enjoying not being in a relationship, according to the Sun.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]