Video: Diana Lovejoy, 45, Faints As She's Found Guilty Of Plot With Lover To Kill Her Husband During New Moon

Paula Mooney

Diana Lovejoy is a 45-year-old woman who went viral due to the dramatic courtroom scene in the attached video, showing Diana appearing to fall backward after hearing her guilty verdict. Lovejoy hails from Carlsbad, California. According to the San Diego Tribune, Diana was found guilty on charges of attempted murder and a conspiracy charge in a complicated murder-for-hire plot that involved Lovejoy and her 50-year-old shooting instructor, Weldon McDavid Jr., who was sexually involved with Diana, according to the attached Crime Watch video.

Lovejoy was found guilty of offering Weldon $2,000 to shoot Diana's now ex-husband, Greg Mulvihill, who was shot but survived the shooting that hit him in his side. Viewers were dubious over whether or not Lovejoy really fainted, or was simply overcome by shock. Nevertheless, EMTs tended to Lovejoy and transported her to a hospital. That left the courtroom activities free to resume, giving the jury the opportunity to read Weldon's guilty verdict. Weldon cried upon hearing his verdict, and Lovejoy's family cried when they witnessed her distress, asking for court officials to help her prior to her leaving the courtroom on a gurney.

Diana could spend anywhere from 25 years to the rest of her life in prison, while McDavid could spend 50 years to life in prison for pulling the trigger.

That day was a new moon, according to People, and the duo planned to carry out their murder plot on that night because it would be "completely dark." McDavid's defense claimed that he was only trying to shoot the flashlight out of Greg's hand when he saw him; a notion that the jury didn't believe.

Lovejoy did not take the stand, and although jurors stated that her fainting spell threw some for a loop and was hard to watch, it did not change their verdict.