‘General Hospital’ News: Kelly Monaco Asks Miller Fans To Stop Attacking Steve Burton And Bradford Anderson

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of November 27 state that Andre (Anthony Montgomery) reveals Patient 6 is the real Jason. General Hospital co-head writer, Shelly Altman, also revealed in a new interview with Soap Opera Digest that Andre’s revelation will have a profound impact on the lives of many residents of the city of Port Charles.

Meanwhile, as the plot of the Jason twin mystery intensifies, the incidence of clashes between fans rooting for their preferred General Hospital characters has increased. The social media clashes have been most intense between Billy Miller’s fans and Steve Burton’s. But recently, amid ongoing back and forth over which of the twins is the “real Jason,” some hardcore Billy Miller fans got carried away by the zeal for their favorite actor and his fictitious character and resorted to launching attacks against GH stars they imagined to be the enemy.

Recently, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), who has been traveling with Steve Burton as part of a band called Port Chuck, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, gave Burton a friendly shout-out on social media. He tweeted words of appreciation to his friend, Steve Burton (see below).

The tweet sparked an unexpected backlash. Some Miller supporters apparently interpreted Anderson’s tweet as dig at Miller, and launched an attack against him. Anderson realized that the intention behind his tweet was misunderstood, so he tried to correct the mistaken impression.

“This was not a statement on Billy,” Anderson tweeted in response to a fan. “Steve and I are great friends and just finished a wonderful trip visiting with fans. He’s been an incredible friend to me, that’s all. We love Billy and he’s doing a great job.”

Kelly Monaco, who portrays Sam Morgan on the daytime drama, also chimed in.

Her tweet included a photo that showed her standing next to Miller, and making the peace sign.

She also later tweeted (see below) a clip showing her finger-wagging with Billy Miller to warn fans to desist from unwarranted attacks on social media.

As an actress, Monaco might be unable to wrap her head around how some fans become so dedicated to their favorite TV show characters that they begin to confuse entertainment make-believe with reality. Patient 6 and Jason Morgan might be at loggerheads in the popular daytime drama, but surely viewers understand that Steve Burton (Patient 6), Billy Miller (Jason Morgan), and Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli), are different real-world characters.

However, some fans believe that the decision to bring Steve Burton back to the cast of General Hospital was an affront to Billy Miller and that it has resulted in an on-set rivalry between the two actors.

Jason Morgan has tried to dispel this notion in the past.

After he confirmed that he had returned to General Hospital for a long stint last September, Burton addressed rumors about behind-the-scene tensions between him and Billy Miller. There were rumors on social media at the time about a bitter rivalry between the two actors. Some even claimed that the cast of General Hospital had split into two camps, one pro-Miller and the other, pro-Burton.

The rumors partly explain the clashes in online forums and on social media between Miller fans and Burton fans. Often fans get involved in petty squabbles over questions such as which of the two actors portrays Jason Morgan better. The online debates are more likely to develop into uncivil exchanges when fans debate which of the twins is the “real Jason.”

Burton, however, denied rumors of an on-set beef between him and Miller.

“People want there to be drama with Billy and me, but there just isn’t!”

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