Snoop Dogg Blasts Donald Trump With Profanity Laced Video After POTUS Calls For Marshawn Lynch Suspension

Snoop Dogg has had it with Donald Trump. The popular rapper, actor, and TV show host went on a profanity-laced tirade against Trump after the U.S. president went on Twitter to criticize NFL player Marshawn Lynch and called for his suspension from the professional football league.

Snoop lambasted Trump in a short video as he showed support for Lynch, TMZ reported. Lynch got the ire of Trump after the Oakland Raiders running back sat down while the U.S. national anthem was played before their game against the New England Patriots, which was held in Mexico City on Nov. 19. What angered Trump more was that Lynch later stood up for the Mexican national anthem, which led to his call for Lynch to be suspended by the NFL.

“F*** Donald Trump,” Snoop Dogg said. “They should suspend your [expletive], all the goofy [expletive] you do every day. When are you going to get suspended [expletive]? F*** you!”

Snoop not only stood up for Lynch, he also showed his support for the people of Mexico.

“I’m with Marshawn Lynch,” Snoop said. “Stand up for the Mexican national anthem, we [expletive] with the Mexicans, [expletive]. They the homies.”

“F*** you Donald Trump and everything that you stand for!”

Trump called for Lynch to be suspended by the NFL for the remainder of the season for showing “great disrespect.” Trump also derided the NFL by saying the professional league is suffering from low attendance and ratings. Ironically, Newsweek reported that Trump himself is getting disturbingly low approval rating from his constituents.

Marshawn Lynch is no stranger to controversy. He’s one of many NFL players who’s been kneeling or sitting down during the national anthem. The kneeling protest was started by current NFL free-agent Colin Kaepernick as a form of protest against racial profiling and police brutality.

Snoop Dogg also gave a shout out to LaVar Ball who’s been on Trump’s bad side recently. Trump boasted of helping bring LiAngelo Ball, son of LaVar, and two other members of the UCLA Bruins basketball team, back home after they were charged with shoplifting in China. The three college players were held in the Asian country and were facing jail time before they were allowed to come home. Trump immediately took credit for their release and wondered if he would get a “thank you” from those concerned.

The elder Ball refused to give credit to Trump, which triggered another Twitter rant from the POTUS, according to Bleacher Report. Trump called Ball “very ungrateful” and said that he “should have left them in jail,” pertaining to the three Bruins.

Snoop didn’t appreciate what Trump said and included it in his own video rant against the president.

“Lavar Ball,” Snoop said. “Good lookin’ out. I wouldn’t have thanked the [expletive] either.”

Snoop is not the only one who’s got Marshawn’s back. His mother, Delisa Lynch, took a shot at Trump by reminding the president of his failure to be part of the NFL.

“What NFL team do[es] Trump own?” Lynch said. “Oh yeah, they wouldn’t let him have one!! LMAO.”

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