Colorado Boy, 15, Accused Of Stabbing Female NASCAR Hopeful, Also Had A ‘Kill List,’ Police Say

A 15-year-old Colorado teenager who allegedly stabbed Makayla Grote, 19, also possessed a “kill list,” according to Lakewood law enforcement investigators.

Makayla Grote was allegedly stabbed to death by the 15-year-old Colorado teen when she answered the door of her apartment at The Shores at McIntosh Lake complex in Longmont. The aspiring NASCAR driver’s name was not on the kill list, but it did include the name of her younger sister, KDVR reports.

The stabbing of the Colorado National Speedway employee happened early Saturday evening. Makayla Grote was stabbed in both the chest and head after answering the knock at her door.

Makayla Grote’s sister was home at the time the murder took place. The accused teenage killer stated on the kill list that he would murder anyone he found in the home, Michael Foote, the deputy district attorney in Boulder County, told the press.

The victim’s 18-year-old sister was reportedly the first name on the unidentified Colorado teen’s kill list. She was able to escape unharmed after the Colorado boy allegedly chased her around the house. The victim’s sister was able to make it to her bedroom and locked herself inside.

The alleged Colorado killer was found hiding inside his parents’ car by police officers. The vehicle was parked about one mile away from where the third person on his kill list lived.

Lakewood police investigators also revealed they recovered text messages between the accused killer and the victim’s sister. The texts to the Green Mountain High School student reportedly referenced a kill list.

Around 11 a.m. on Saturday, the Colorado teenager reportedly knocked on the door of the victim’s apartment and asked for assistance jumping his car battery, the Daily Mail reports. According to law enforcement statements, the unidentified 15-year-old Colorado accused killer had been arrested previously for attacking his own grandfather. When the teenager’s mother called the police after the assault, law enforcement investigators found Molotov cocktails inside the residence.

When Colorado police officers searched the home of the teenager after Makayla Grote’s murder, they reportedly found Molotov cocktails once again, along with a host of other weapons. The Colorado boy was arrested during the early morning hours on Sunday on first-degree murder charges.

It is not yet known if he will be tried as an adult on the charges levied against him. The teenager remains in custody at a Boulder County jail. He is scheduled for arraignment on Wednesday afternoon. During a preliminary hearing on Monday, the Colorado boy opted against appearing in court because he would be forced to be placed in restraints throughout the proceedings.

A GoFundMe account created to pay for Makayla Grote’s funeral expenses has raised so $10,330 so far. The stated goal was to raise $10,000 to pay for the aspiring NASCAR driver’s final expenses.

A statement released by the Colorado National Speedway after learning about Grote’s murder, deemed her one of the “brightest stars” of their facing family.

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