Tiny Harris: How She Keeps Marriage Intact After Divorce Speculation, Cheating Affairs

Tiny Harris has gone above and beyond to work on her marriage with T.I., and one of the ways that's helping both of them keep their romance intact is plenty of sex.

According to Hollywood Life, ever since the twosome reconciled over the summer, following plans to initially divorce, Tiny Harris and T.I. have been working on themselves through the act of sexual activities.

While the source claims that Tiny and T.I. have always shared a close bond when it comes to sex, seeing that they are both very experimental, Harris has made an additional effort as of late as she's trying to spice things up now that they are back together.

Having been together for well over 15 years, the Xscape singer is constantly trying to find new ways to keep the relationship fresh.

She somewhat thinks that the cheating scandals from last year could be to blame for the supposed fact that things in her marriage with T.I. were becoming the same old routine for both of them, and they simply needed something new.

Well, it's said that Tiny Harris isn't holding back when it comes to trying out some of her recently learned tips and tricks in the bedroom.

Hollywood Life continues by saying that Tiny loves roleplaying with T.I. — it's one of the ways that keeps the sex between the two very romantic.

It's further mentioned that when T.I. is on the road, working on new music in the studio, or has traveling duties to commit to, the rapper makes sure to FaceTime or Skype Tiny Harris as much as he can.

And it goes without saying that these sessions via Skype and FaceTime aren't family friendly. Supposedly, the married couple engaged in sexual over-the-phone activities so that they never feel like either one is neglecting their partner while on the road.

It's helped their marriage a lot, a source continues, stressing that while it's been a work in progress to get to where Tiny Harris and T.I. are at right now, they are finally in a good place and things are actively looking up for the duo.

Tiny Harris is currently caught up with the forthcoming "Great Xscape" tour, which kicks off this month.

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]