Javi Marroquin Plays Family With Briana DeJesus: Will He Be A Father To Stella?

Javi Marroquin announced that he was pursuing a relationship with Briana DeJesus after they were spotted hanging out together a few times. While Javi was more than ready to go public with the relationship, DeJesus hesitated a few times because she wasn’t ready to discuss her relationship status with the world. At first, she denied that they were dating, but these days, she’s more than eager to flaunt her relationship with Javi. This weekend, the two spent some time together and celebrated Lincoln’s fourth birthday. Briana helped Marroquin put everything together.

Marroquin shared an adorable photo of them together over the weekend, and Briana brought her daughter Nova and little Stella to the birthday party. While Nova was standing next to Briana, Marroquin was holding the little baby. Many of his fans went crazy over this photo, as he clearly loves holding the little girl. Javi revealed that he wants more children, so it’s perfect that Briana’s little girl is so little. According to a new Instagram post, Javi Marroquin is getting plenty of support over his decision to care for Briana’s little baby girl, and the photo makes it seem like they are already a little family.

Marroquin has already been a stepfather to little Isaac. He and Kailyn Lowry started dating when Isaac was very young, and Javi has been a role model and a father figure to him. When he learned that they were divorcing he was devastated. Javi never got the second child he wanted from Lowry, but it may be possible that he can be a father figure to Briana’s daughter Stella. She’s clearly not dating Luis, and she may be done giving him second chances. Plus, Javi and Briana appear to be happy together, as they know the pressures of living in the spotlight and both put their kids first.

Briana DeJesus will be back for tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, where she may confirm that they are dating. It is possible that Javi Marroquin will return to Teen Mom 2 next season if he and Briana are indeed dating.

[Featured Image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]