Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Skirt Baby News As Kate Middleton Fulfils Royal Duties While Pregnant

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews have been extremely quiet ever since they got married. After all the flurry of the wedding, honeymoon, and their favorite sporting event, Wimbledon 2017, came to a close, the couple retreated into a quiet life in London, barely showing themselves even on the streets. Towards the start of fall, Pippa was rumored to be pregnant with her first baby, but her sister Kate Middleton’s pregnancy announcement took over the news.

The only news that Pippa and her husband James made this winter season is with the renovation of their townhouse in Chelsea, an expensive neighborhood in London. It was James’ bachelor pad long before Pippa moved in, but it looks like the new bride wants some work done it to make sure that it also feels like her place.

The word on the street is that they are “building a first-floor extension above the kitchen to build a new bathroom” as well as adding “separate male and female dressing rooms off the master bedroom,” according to Daily Mail.

This has outraged some of the neighbors in the area, who protested the work being done on the building.

“We have reviewed the proposed plan, and strongly object to the suggested rear extension,” one neighbor spoke to Daily Mail. “It will completely block the sunlight which currently comes into our kitchen for a limited time in the middle of the day, and generally block the daylight into our kitchen from the adjacent window.”

However, construction crews have already been spotted on the site, which means that Pippa and James are moving forward with the renovation plans, whether their neighbors like it or not. Looks like having Kate Middleton or, rather, the Duchess of Cambridge as one’s sister makes things easier.

Other than making the news with their construction drama, the 34-year-old English socialite likes to keep things simple and low-maintenance. She was spotted quickly after this drama, wearing no makeup and simple, but a roomy jacket that hid any signs of a potential baby bump.

All throughout her thirties, Pippa Middleton has been looking out to find a suitable partner to start a family with. She dated James Matthews late in her twenties, but broke up with him to start dating Nico Jackson, a banker. She was with him for three years and even was sighted looking at family-friendly mansions in Battersea Park, but things came to an abrupt halt when he moved to Switzerland for work.

It only took Pippa a little less than two years to tie the knot with her ex-boyfriend. But now that she is a married woman, it looks like she wants to start a family as soon as possible.

“Pippa always said she wanted to start a family as soon as she got married, and now her wish has come true,” the source said. “It’s early days yet – and they have decided they don’t want to know the sex of their baby until after it’s born – but Pippa is convinced she is having a little girl.”

While Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third child, Pippa has yet to confirm any baby news.

[Featured Image by Arthur Edwards/Getty Images]