Jenelle Evans Slammed For Leaving Kaiser Out Of Family Fun Weekend

Jenelle Evans has posted photos on her Instagram account after recently threatening to leave Teen Mom 2. She was furious with producers for editing her footage to make her family look dysfunctional and for making David Eason look abusive. In protest, Jenelle threatened to leave Teen Mom 2, and she deleted her Twitter account. However, Evans returned to Twitter after a month, and Jenelle is now opening up about her day packed with family fun. But in her photos, fans quickly noticed that Kaiser had been left out. While he was present in the photos, he wasn’t wearing purple at a game like the rest of his family. Of course, many people saw this as an opportunity to criticize her.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans revealed that she had a family outing, and they were all present to support David’s daughter Maryssa, as she was a cheerleader at the event. Everyone was wearing purple to support her, but Kaiser was wearing a white T-shirt with some designs on it. Many of her haters were quick to call her out, hinting that she was being selfish.

“Bows and bling, It’s a cheerleading thing...” ????✨ #GoRBA #Champions #PopWarner #Cheerleading

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But one of her followers revealed that Jenelle had explained the situation on her Instagram page. Apparently, Kaiser wasn’t supposed to be in her care during the weekend, so when he had to stay with her, she brought him to the event. Maybe he was supposed to be in Nathan Griffith’s care over the weekend, but he had to cancel the weekend, leaving Kaiser with her.

“She literally told someone in the comments that they didn’t know Kaiser would be there that weekend it’s a ducking shirt people,” one follower wrote on her Instagram page in Jenelle’s defense.

Nathan hasn’t said anything about the event, possibly because it isn’t a big deal. However, the last-minute decision to leave Kaiser with Jenelle resulted in him not having the right shirt for the weekend event. Evans doesn’t seem to mind, and the family looked like they had a blast.

Jenelle Evans may be done with this season of Teen Mom 2, as she and David Eason stormed off the reunion set during the first part of the reunion. It doesn’t sound like she’s part of the second half of the reunion special.

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