‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anthony Montgomery Leaving GH? What Happens To Andre After Patient 6 Revelation?

General Hospital has revealed that Dr. Andre Maddox is responsible for Patient 6 and Jason Morgan having the same memories, so he had to leave town immediately. Does that mean Anthony Montgomery would be leaving the soap too? The actor responds to fans’ questions on social media.

Because of his involvement in the chaos involving Patient 6 (Steve Burton) and the current Jason Morgan (Billy Miller), Dr. Andre (Anthony Montgomery) left Port Charles. This worried some fans that Montgomery would also be exiting General Hospital. But fans should fret not, as Anthony assured the story is not yet over. He wrote on Twitter, “I’m not ignoring you. All I can say is Andre will still be around. Keep tuning in to see how the mystery unfolds!”

Last year, when he shared about an opportunity for him to join a new sci-fi series, he said that he would still be in General Hospital as Dr. Andre Maddox for at least three more years, via Soaps In Depth. That means that now, he still has at least two years in contract to portray the character, so fans should know he is sticking around as part of the twin saga.

General Hospital spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that Dr. Maddox’s boss would not let him slip away after his involvement in the memory mapping experiment has been exposed. Anna (Finola Hughes) would be looking into things, and she would not believe that Andre is a true bad guy. He might only have made a wrong decision when he joined the experiment because of his desire for a scientific breakthrough. Spoilers suggest that Andre would have to deal with his guilt and regrets, and he would try to clear things up soon.

When Andre left town, he gave Anna a mini disco ball. General Hospital spoilers hint it might serve as some sort of a clue that would lead Anna to some evidence of the study. He might also return to Port Charles and turn himself in to explain whatever happened.

Meanwhile, viewers could expect more drama regarding the twin mystery. GH spoilers hint that Franco (Roger Howarth) will reveal that Patient Six is the real Jason Morgan. Miller’s Jason would not believe him and he will continue searching for the mastermind.

Tune in for more updates on General Hospital.

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