‘Bachelor’ Contestant Corinne Olympios Reveals She Was Engaged After Split From Nick Viall

Almost a year has passed since Corinne Olympios made her debut as the villain of Bachelor Nick Viall’s season. Since then Corinne has had fans either loving or hating her and has continued to make headlines since her time with Nick ended. Olympios not only had drama during Nick’s season but also continued to face scrutiny and drama during her brief time on Bachelor in Paradise this past summer. Now, many months later, Corinne is speaking out and admitting that some speculation about her previous status was true and she was engaged for a short time after her relationship with Viall ended.

When Corinne was first sent home by Nick rumors were flying that she was engaged to another man. Olympios adamantly denied it until now. US Weekly shared that Corinne is finally coming clean about her engagement. She says she did, in fact, accept a proposal when she returned home from filming The Bachelor.

Corinne says it was last November when she returned home and an old boyfriend showed up at her house with a ring. He proposed and she said yes. The rekindled romance did not last long and Corinne says when it ended she did give the ring back.

People shared more details of Corinne’s short engagement, which lasted about three months. Olympios says when he came to propose it was a complete surprise to her. Corinne said this man, whom she did not reveal, had been communicating with her parents. When she got home from filming, she went out for some food and came back to find him there waiting on her with his own parents. They talked and then he got down on one knee and proposed.

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Corinne says things ended because of many reasons, one being that he was uncomfortable with some of the things being aired on The Bachelor. Olympios went on to say that he went back to his old ways and she to hers. Corinne says things just weren’t right. She admits when they ended the engagement it was really hard, but that she thinks now they are both in a good place.

Olympios also shared that the man she was going to marry is very religious and told her he could not marry her if she had tattoos. In an effort to make the relationship work, Corinne had two tattoos removed from her body. The relationship ended anyway.

Corinne has moved on from Nick, her Bachelor in Paradise scandal and her ex-fiance. In fact, when asked what Corinne wants for her upcoming birthday she said a boyfriend. While Corinne is currently single, she has another project keeping her busy. Olympios’ Team Corn fashion line was so successful it is being launched further and will be in many retail stores in 2018. It looks like 2018 is already looking bright for this Florida girl.

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