November 18, 2017
Man Accidentally Posts Snapchat Video Of Himself Cheating On His Wife: Bishop Don Of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago'

Posting impromptu videos to Snapchat and Instagram can be a dangerous thing, as well as going live on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. According to Fameolous Daily, Bishop Don Of Black Ink Crew: Chicago has found that out the hard way, by accidentally posting a video that appears to show a woman wearing handcuffs being sexually intimate with Don, who isn't his wife, Ashley. As reported by the celebrity journalist, the quick video shows Don with a woman wearing black underwear, which was accidentally posted to social media. The video shows the same "Bishop__Don" name of Don's Instagram account, although the video appears to be a Snapchat video. Either way, it's not clear what the fallout of the viral video will be in the wake of Don recently becoming a father five months ago after his wife Ashley had their child.

As reported by VH1, Ashley recently surprised Don with tickets to for a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, after the Black Ink Crew: Chicago star admitted that he needed a break. Don was taking care of Ashley's every whim since Ashley was pregnant with his child. Don was dealing with Ashley's paranoia over Don getting the Zika virus and bringing it back to her via sexual transmission. However, if the alleged video really features Don cheating on Ashley, there will be whole new concerns for Don in upcoming episodes of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, which airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans of the show are blaming Ashley's yelling for Don's cheating. Other Twitter users are writing that they aren't surprised by the video and claim that they were aware of Don's alleged cheating ways for quite some time now. Yet and still, Don is being called "bold" for posting the inappropriate video on Snapchat, while it's not clear if Don intended to actually post the cheating video.

As Snapchat users know, the app allows people to record videos and then choose to post the video to Snapchat or simply save the video to their camera rolls. Whatever the intention of the video, it is gaining attention on social media.

[Featured Image by Focus and Blur/Shutterstock]