‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Holidays In Cabo, Family To Gather For Thanksgiving Without Him?

Matt Roloff is in Cabo to get a few days of sunshine. The Roloff family is likely to gather without him for Thanksgiving, Matt told his fans on Saturday.

The Little People, Big World star took to Facebook to let fans know he said goodbye to his family before heading out of Oregon to Baja California. Matt revealed it was not easy leaving his grandchildren, Jackson and Ember Jean, behind, but also indicated his holiday is short – five days. That also suggests he could return home just in time for a Thanksgiving dinner, but the rest of Matt’s post makes it seem unlikely.

“Yesterday I found out that all my amazing kids and grandkids had very cool thanksgiving plans with the in-laws and Amy…so after a long and very successful pumpkin season… thanks to so many of You!! Xoxo. I said a sweet goodbye to Jer,auj,ember and zach Tori, Jackson and even Amy help my get the financials all wrapped up early. Then my besti travel buddy Ty wisk me off to Cabo early this morning to enjoy a few days of R&R in The sun… it’s becoming our November tradition. So here we are. In full sun and relax. But missing those grand babies like never before…thank goodness it’s only a 5 days visit… I told zach…next year Thanksgiving is at my house:)))”


Roloff Thanksgivings have been a hit with LPBW fans but have been a source of stress for the reality television family post Matt and Amy Roloff’s divorce. Viewers got to see some of it during the 2015 Thanksgiving dinner that was aired on TLC. Amy voiced displeasure at her ex-husband for sitting alone at the dinner table, while rest of the family was elsewhere, talking or helping with dinner arrangements. Matt responded saying dinner was scheduled at 6.30 and so he was there, sticking to the clock. Matt’s penchant for order, rules and punctuality on a holiday evoked an R-rated response from Amy, which left her children red-faced.

Reactions to Matt Roloff’s recent post show the bitterness is still fresh in minds and has caused a division in opinion. Some of those who responded to Matt’s post assumed he was being pushed away and blamed Amy for it. Others defended her and said the post does not say Matt was not invited. Many pointed to Matt’s post and said the two are amicable. The argument, however, refused to die with some dragging Amy and Matt’s current love interests into the exchange. What may have also fueled the argument is the fact that Matt will be away from home for the second consecutive Thanksgiving weekend. Last year, he was away vacationing in Maui.


A day before Matt took off, Amy Roloff shared an image with friends and boyfriend Chris Marek. She told fans she can’t wait for Thanksgiving celebrations to begin. She also let it slip that next season of Little People, Big World is likely to air early next year.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]