‘Fortnite’ PvE Players Will Soon Be Able To Upgrade Hero Rarity, Unlock Items Directly Without Llamas

Developers of Fortnite updated PvE players on where the Save the World campaign is headed in the next few months. Many new features, quality-of-life updates, and more are coming to the base-building shooter in December. There are even more improvements lined up for a release in January, too.

Next month, Fortnite PvE players can expect major enhancements to core gameplay. The frustration associated with how players obtain heroes, traps, and people will be alleviated slightly. During events, which are often active, players will soon be able to use the event currency to buy event items directly. This will let players skip the random element of attaining gear through llamas.

In addition to buying items outright, players can also upgrade heroes to a higher rarity. According to the blog post on the game’s official website, players will be able to take low rarity heroes like rare, blue heroes or even uncommon, green heroes and evolve them to orange, legendary rarity. There is no mention on what players will need to upgrade their Fortnite heroes yet.

Fortnite PvE updates for December add hero upgrades
Heroes, like these Outlanders, can be upgraded to legendary rarity. [Image by Epic Games]

Both of these changes will go live sometime in December. Players can also expect inventory and collection improvements next month. Context-sensitive menus and better access to inspect items are part of that development. Fortnite players can also plan to see mini-bosses and changes to returning events like Survive the Storm. For instance, in the next survival event players will be able to skip days.

In January, improved quest accessibility will be added. Players will be able to access more information about quests including what rewards they offer.

The original PvE aspect of Fortnite continues to update with new content like events and items. The Halloween event, Fortnitemares, is still ongoing since it is extended through November. The event will conclude on November 29, and a new event is likely to start right away. When the next event starts, players will be able to purchase items with event currency as explained earlier.

Fortnite patched this week with a fix to the chest bug prevalent in the Save the World mode. When players now complete missions they should receive the correct reward chest. As the Inquisitr reported, compensation for lost items due to the bug will go out sometime soon. Fortnite developers have not indicated what the compensation will include.

[Featured Image by Epic Games]