Fox News Poll: Obama Approval Rating Higher Than Trump’s In ‘Deep’ Red State Of Alabama If Election Was Today

Donald Trump won the red state of Alabama by 28 points in the past election. However, according to a new Fox News poll, Alabama voters give Barack Obama a higher approval rating than the sitting president. And, based on the new Fox survey, if the ex-president was allowed to run again and the election was held today, he’d edge out the former reality TV star.

By his own admission, Donald Trump has been hard at work trying to unravel Barack Obama’s legacy — particularly with Obamacare — but the new Fox News poll shows that he likely wouldn’t have a second term in office before his predecessor returned to the White House.

The Fox News poll approval tracking results appear in a PDF that was compiled by two analytical groups: Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company. Researchers contacted a pool of 823 registered voters in Alabama via telephone.

The live interviews targeted a random sampling of voters to determine how they would vote in hypothetical matchups. In addition to gauging their level of favorability, they queried participants about their sentiments for the upcoming Senate election and their level of approval for the two key candidates.

Although the primary focus of the race is between a Democrat, Doug Jones, and his Republican challenger, Judge Roy Moore, the Fox poll asked respondents to reveal their degree of approval between Obama and Trump.

Ironically, 52 percent of likely voters favored Barack Obama over 49 percent who leaned towards Donald Trump. In both of his bids for the presidency, Obama lost Alabama by a margin of 22 percent, according to The Hill.

It’s unclear why Alabama suddenly has a change of heart and is bestowing a higher level of approval on Obama versus Trump. However, Alabama’s favorite son, Roy Moore, is under fire over allegations of sexual misconduct with as many as six women. The alleged victims say Moore sexually harassed them as long as four decades ago.

Before the Fox News poll was administered, Moore’s approval rating mirrored his opponent’s and the election was a toss-up. However, in the recent poll for the Alabama Senate seat, Jones is leading his Republican contender by nearly 10 percentage points: 50 to 42.

Moore allegedly has a history of seeking out teenage girls during his 30s. A number of top lawmakers in Washington are calling for Moore to drop out of the race while his base of supporters still expresses unwavering approval.

Moore has vehemently denied the allegations. Furthermore, he intends to press on despite an alleged concerted effort by Democrats to smear his name.

Donald Trump hasn’t responded to the recent Fox News poll about his lagging approval versus Barack Obama’s among Alabama voters. However, in the past, he admitted that he doesn’t give much credence to hypothetical poll results.

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