Siggy Flicker Can’t Take The Heat? ‘RHONJ’ Star Slams Co-Star But Can’t Take Viewer Criticism

Siggy Flicker has revealed that she was very hurt after her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star, Margaret Josephs, called her Soggy Flicker. Siggy was upset after a cake was thrown while the ladies were in Boca Raton, as she had spent over a thousand dollars on a celebration cake for Melissa Gorga. However, she revealed she was super upset after she felt disrespected by both Teresa Giudice and Melissa, who threw the cake at one another. After Margaret called her Soggy Flicker, Siggy got upset with her, and she seems to have a hard time forgiving her co-star for making fun of her. During Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Siggy invited her co-stars to an overnight retreat, and she had no problem calling out Margaret for hurting her.

Some of her co-stars were shocked that she would call out Margaret. Viewers also felt that it was inappropriate, especially since they had talked and tried to work things out. Now, Siggy is being called out by viewers who feel that she may be handling things the wrong way. According to a new tweet, Siggy Flicker‘s reaction proves that she may be able to dish it out when she’s unhappy but she’s not good at receiving criticism herself.

Had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely @thedopeandbroke - For full interview link in Bio. I met up with the lovely and lively Siggy Flicker from The Real Housewives of New Jersey this week to dish about the new season, her matchmaking career, her family, and her future for an article for Blasting News. Of course, while I was there, I had to ask her some questions about style and beauty. Siggy was cheerful and friendly. We chatted for well over an hour and I kind of forgot I was interviewing her because our conversation just flowed naturally. Fans of the Bravo reality show will be happy to hear that she is just as personable as she comes off on television. I really enjoyed speaking with her and getting to hear her take on the new season of the show because she is definitely featured more prominently than she was last year. It was also nice to hear more about her life when she is not filming. She is so in love with her husband and kids. It is the sweetest. Her husband is kind of one of those people whose first name and last name are always just said. He is not Michael, he is Michael Campanello. Just like RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna and her husband Harry, who is literally programmed into her phone as ‘Harry Hamlin.’

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“I hope you enjoyed tonight’s episode of #RHONJ – How much more can I take when one apologizes & then throws me under the bus to my so-called friends, one who mocks my husband, my profession, my hysterectomy and now my relationship with my son. What’s next? #RHONJ,” Siggy Flicker revealed on Twitter in a post she decided to pin to her profile.

It’s the first thing that people see when they come to her profile, and she’s clearly upset with what fans have seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It sounds like she wants people to get angry at Margaret for what has happened, even though she and Margaret have already spoken about the issue. It sounds like Flicker may just be too emotionally invested in this situation. When a follower on Twitter pointed to Siggy’s performance for the overnight retreat and asked her about her educational background, Flicker took offense.

“What is your educational background? I’m a licensed professional counselor and fear you are giving my profession a bad name,” one viewer wrote, to which Siggy replied, “Ohhh please. Go on someone else’s page. You are watching #RHONJ – I am what I am doing it for over 25 years without a blemish. Read my book & go to sleep!”

It sounds like Siggy Flicker can dish out criticism of her co-star, Margaret Josephs, and she wants her fans to join her in the criticism. But when viewers inquire about her personal experience being a relationship expert, she can’t provide a history. Instead, she took complete offense to the question, telling the viewer to go elsewhere.

Siggy Flicker is back for another episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey next Wednesday on Bravo.

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