Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Explain Baby Ember’s Outfits, ‘Ugly Colored’ Leggings That Were Once Slammed By Fans

Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff explained baby Ember’s outfits in a recent video, including the “ugly colored” leggings that were once slammed by fans on social media. Audrey Roloff was accompanied by husband Jeremy Roloff in the short video that was published on TLC’s video blog site called TLCme. TLC shared Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s video on the Little People, Big World official Facebook page on Tuesday, telling fans to take a look at baby Ember’s “stylish duds.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcomed daughter Ember Jean into the world on September 10, after having been married on Roloff Farms in September of 2014 in a ceremony that was filmed and played for the Little People, Big World audience during a Season 8 episode that same year. Unfortunately, Audrey Roloff has been slammed by fans of the Roloff family’s TLC reality TV series, as well as her social media followers, for everything from sharing bare baby bump photos during her pregnancy to the way she dresses baby Ember after giving birth.

Us Weekly shared about a month ago that Audrey Roloff had been “mom-shamed” for one of baby Ember’s outfits that she had posted on her personal Facebook account. The outfit in question featured a pair of leggings that a few of Audrey’s followers called “ugly colored.” One commenter even went as far as to call the leggings that were paired with an Always More onesie “creepy brown tights.” In Tuesday’s video clip, Audrey Roloff explained several of baby Ember’s “favorite outfits” that dad Jeremy Roloff, 27, called “mama’s favorite outfits for Ember.”

The two-minute video, titled “Ember Roloff’s Style Diaries,” shows both Jeremy and Audrey Roloff explaining what’s in Ember’s closet, which includes a few pieces of Ember’s wardrobe that Audrey shares are their “favorite things to put her in,” including the leggings that were once slammed by Audrey Roloff’s Facebook followers. Tuesday’s post on the Little People, Big World Facebook page wrote that baby Ember “looks cute” in everything, adding “especially that bear onesie” that Audrey holds up first in the video and calls “not really an outfit” — but a “winner,” according to dad Jeremy.

Audrey Roloff goes on to explain that the weather is “starting to get colder here” so they are “starting to whip out the colder clothes” for baby Ember. Audrey also explains that baby Ember has to have “everything floral” with matching hair bows. First-time mom Audrey Roloff then moves on to baby Ember’s rompers, saying that “she likes the rompers,” which Jeremy Roloff immediately clarifies really means that “we like the rompers.” Laid out on the floor with the rompers is the infamous “ugly colored” brown leggings that Audrey first shared on Facebook on October 13.

The 26-year-old reality TV personality and lifestyle blogger explains that “because it’s been getting colder” she’s been adding a long-sleeved onesie and tights to baby Ember’s romper outfits. Audrey Roloff even had a matching brown hair bow laid out with the brown leggings that her followers once mom-shamed her for and said they weren’t a “fan of.” Jeremy Roloff said that all the layering of clothing makes for a “very difficult diaper change,” but Audrey Roloff shared that “it’s so cute,” along with the “so cute” matching bows that she “literally” has so many of.

Jeremy Roloff further explains that, while they do dress baby Ember in some “blush pink” sometimes, they are more into dressing baby Ember in floral patterns and neutral colors, which might explain the neutral-colored brown leggings. Audrey Roloff adds that baby Ember does have some “stripes and some gold,” but Jeremy Roloff ended the Journey of Jer and Auj video blog by saying that baby Ember usually wears an Always More milk onesie at home because “always more milk” is the “only one thing on her mind.”

The video has been well-received on the Little People, Big World Facebook page, with comments telling Jeremy and Audrey Roloff to “enjoy these days” because they “will be over so fast,” and baby Ember “is adorable no matter what she wears.”

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]