Fox News Live Report Interrupted By Man Screaming ‘Howard Stern’s Penis!’ [Video]

Oh, Fox News. Ever the bed of controversy, aren’t we? A live report was interrupted this afternoon by a crazed bystander in Times Square screaming “Howard Stern’s penis!” into the camera.

Fox Business reporter Lauren Simonetti became the news by chance this afternoon when her live report from Times Square was interrupted by a man who screamed “Howard Stern’s penis!” into the camera.

As millions of tourists shuffled into crammed Midtown Manhattan for the New Year’s Eve 2012 celebration, Simonetti was interrupted by a man proudly declaring “Baba Booey! Howard Stern’s penis!” and “I love penis!”

TV and pop culture fans will recognize this cute phrase from an episode of Family Guy, in which Peter Griffin grabs a microphone to make a similar declaration as officials attempt to wrestle the mic away from him.

The phrase is popularly used by Howard Stern’s fans who crash live television events to get national attention to the shock-jock’s radio show, though we think the act is mostly rooted in the spirit of shenanigans and “lulz.”

Hilariously, Fox News awkwardly cut away to generic Times Square stock footage as Simonetti continued her interrupted report. After her segment was over, hosts Rick Folbaum and Arthel Neville apologized to viewers who may have been offended by Howard Stern’s penis, and joked “we’ve all been there before.”

Here’s video of the man crashing the Fox News report to declare “Howard Stern’s penis!” via Mediaite: