Trump And 16 Women: Video Of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump Gets 108,000 Views On Facebook

President Donald Trump is the subject of a new video going viral on Facebook, titled “16 Women and Donald Trump,” by Brave New Films. The video has swelled to more than 108,000 views on Facebook alone in the 17 hours since it was uploaded to Facebook. As seen in the video, the compilation of 16 women speaking about what they say were their experiences with Trump is having a big impact on social media users. With more than 3,600 Facebook shares and nearly 300 comments, the Facebook video is on its way to becoming even more popular as the hours pass and the social media shares increase.

As reported by Raw Story, the statements from the 16 women compiled together in such a format make for a powerful testimony against Trump. The first woman featured is Cathy Heller, who spoke out in February 2016, alleging that Trump grabbed her and “went for the lips,” as reported by the Guardian. Jill Harth is also featured in the video, claiming that Trump touched her private parts and “slipped his hand there.” Temple Taggart appears in the video, claiming that Trump unexpectedly kissed her on the lips, as reported by NBC News. The action shocked her because she thought the normal response would be to shake a person’s hand.

Cassandra Searles‘ photo appears in the video, with the quote that Trump allegedly “continually grabbed my a** and invited me to his hotel room,” as reported by the Huffington Post.

Jessica Leeds claimed that Trump put his hand up her skirt, according to NPR.

Kristin Anderson alleged that Trump touched her vagina through her underwear, noted the Washington Post. Lisa Boyne said that Trump looked up the skirts of women walking above him and noted which ones were wearing underwear and which ones weren’t, according to Bustle.

Karena Virginia‘s press conference appearance is in the video, which shows her accusation of sexual misconduct against Trump, as reported by NBC News. Mindy McGillivray said Melania Trump was right there when Trump allegedly touched Mindy’s butt, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Rachel Crooks appears in the video, as well as Natasha Stoynoff, who said she didn’t care if Trump found her attractive or not. Jessica Drake said that Trump kissed her and other women without permission, with an offer $10,000 coming in the wake of the alleged incident. Jessica said that a person’s actions are huge testament to character, calling Trump a sexual assault apologist.

Ninni Laaksonen claimed Trump grabbed her butt and Samantha Holvey spoke about sitting in her robe getting her makeup done when Trump allegedly walked in. Tasha Dixon claimed Trump came “strolling right in” when “some girls were topless.” Summer Zervos’ press conference allegations about Trump’s “open-mouthed” and “aggressive” kisses were shown, along with claims that Trump placed his hands on her breast. “Get realllll,” Zervos claimed Trump said while thrusting his genitals.

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