Melania Trump Diet, Makeup: Secrets To Her Flawless Face And Diet For Figure-Hugging Dresses

Melania Trump's diet, face (with or without makeup), and body are enviable to some -- even her critics -- and many can only speculate about her secrets to maintaining a model figure and youthful facial features. One site claims to have the inside scoop about Melania's diet and beauty regimen.

First Lady Trump is spectacularly private and she has not recently revealed how she manages her makeup and figure while leading the busy life of a mother, wife, and first lady of the United States. However, after doing a little detective work from past interviews with Melania, a report in Yahoo claims that the code to Melania's healthy lifestyle may be cracked.

Melania's beauty begins long before she applies makeup and slips on one of her trendsetting dresses. As it turns out, Mrs. Trump achieves her beguiling looks using a simple, everyday diet routine.

Melania commits to consuming nutritious foods and tries to eat at least seven portions daily for a mix of vitamins and minerals needed to have an engaging face and fetching figure. A hearty smoothie and fiber-rich oats are a must for her diet.

When using makeup, she opts for her go-to smoky look and minimal layers. Melania focuses on a simple breakfast and makes sure it has "a few ingredients and lots of vitamins in it," she said to Bella NYC during a 2011 interview.

Melania Trump is particular about her makeup to maintain her amazing look, but she insists that Botox is not part of the mix.
"I take vitamins A, C, and E to keep my skin, hair, and nails healthy."
To maintain her lean figure and taut skin, Melania does strength training. She also plays tennis and includes Pilates in her exercise schedule. To keep things fun, Melania gives herself permission to have cheat days. For her, the key is moderation in any diet.
"I love chocolate and ice cream, and I have those things once in a while. It's good to indulge cravings and your tastes once in a long as you balance those things with healthy foods."
While Melania Trump's makeup and face are rarely the focus of criticism -- excluding SNL sketches -- the Slovenian-born former model is the target of criticism over her wardrobe choices at times. As the FLOTUS, all eyes are on Melania's every fashion moves. Many try to emulate her attire while others are sharp to admonish Melania for whom she wears on occasion.
Recently, Melania accompanied President Donald Trump on a 12-day tour across Asia. Before trekking all the way across the Pacific Ocean, the Trumps stopped briefly in Hawaii. There, the president and first lady met with dignitaries and locals.

Melania and Donald also visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in the infamous attack by Japanese pilots.

Mrs. Trump wore a lavish vanilla Christian Dior dress and Sex and the City-style pumps for the stopover. In subsequent visits along the route, Melania took risks with her wardrobe: For her meeting with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, Trump downgraded her provocative dress in favor of a muted yet charming look. Later, at a state dinner in Tokyo, Melania was the modern day "Lady in Red."

But then, the fresh-faced Melania suffered an "epic fashion fail," according to one source critical of the first lady's take on a Chinese-inspired dress. Melania "drowned" in a black cheongsam that was trimmed in pink -- which didn't sit too well with some fashion hawks.

Melania Trump is the face of fashion as the nation's current first lady. Over the years, her diet, style, makeup, and life's focus have changed; she's gone from a private citizen and model to living in the White House. Fans are undoubtedly waiting for an up-to-date interview to learn about her new approach to healthy dieting and fashion as she approaches her fifth decade of life.

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