'The Punisher' Showrunner Explains Why The Defenders Are Not Part Of The Show

In the upcoming Netflix series, The Punisher, audiences will get the chance to see Frank Castle back in action, and this time, he will take on a government conspiracy. While Castle was first introduced in the second season of Daredevil, and there will be some characters from the series that will crossover into this new show, there is one thing that viewers will not see in The Punisher, and that is the Defenders themselves.

According to SyFy, which did an interview with showrunner Steve Lightfoot, it seems that going into the first season of the new show, it was made clear from the very beginning that this was going to be a Marvel series all on its own, even if it did spin-off from Daredevil. Originally, there were only the four solo series and The Defenders miniseries planned by Netflix and Marvel. However, upon introducing Frank Castle/the Punisher in the second season of Daredevil, his popularity led to many viewers asking for the character to get his own show.

As Steve Lightfoot explained, when he was brought in to run the show, "it was always very clear to me that they wanted it to sort of tell its own story and run on its own track and not really intersect with what was happening in The Defenders." Although Lightfoot said that he could always try to speculate as to why Netflix and Marvel decided to keep The Punisher separate from the rest of the Defenders, he said that the only one who really has an answer to that question is Marvel.

While it may simply be speculation on his part, Steve Lightfoot said, "from what I understand the original concept for the four characters that became The Defenders was always the plan and the Punisher spun out of that." From the very beginning, when he first came in as the showrunner, it was always the plan to keep Frank Castle/the Punisher separate from the Defenders.

As Cinema Blend reported, there were never really plans in place to bring in any of the core members of the Defenders when The Punisher spin-off was created. However, while Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage may not show up in the new Marvel series, that does not mean that there will not be some familiar faces paying the show a visit. In fact, at least one familiar face will be joining Frank Castle on his journey, with Deborah Ann Woll's Karen continuing her fascination with the other man.

No matter what the reason is for keeping the Defenders separate from the Punisher's story, audiences will still get to see some carryover from Daredevil, at least during this first season. While the first season may not see any of the Defenders make an appearance, if The Punisher returns for a second season, they may appear in some way.

[Featured image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]