Fredrik Eklund Twin Birth: Is ‘MDLNY’ Star Taking Maternity Leave With Derek Kaplan?

Fredrik Eklund was thrilled when he could finally announce the news that he had wanted to share for years. Fredrik and his husband, Derek Kaplan, were finally going to be parents. For years, Eklund and his husband had been trying to become parents through various surrogates and doctors, but nothing ever worked. Then, last year, Derek and Fredrik decided to try with a brand new surrogate and a brand new set of doctors. In April, they learned they were expecting twins, and they are going to welcome them at the end of the month. For years, Derek was worried that Fredrik wouldn’t slow down with work, but it sounds like he could be taking some time off.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund isn’t slowing down even though there are only weeks until he becomes a father. Perhaps Eklund will continue working all the way up to the birth. On his Instagram page, he is sharing a mixture of business-related posts and photos of baby things to hint that the birth is getting close. However, he has been somewhat private about the details, including whether the surrogate is even in New York City. Perhaps Fredrik and Derek will film some of their journey for Million Dollar Listing New York.

But it doesn’t sound like he’s slowing down one bit these days. Just this week, Fredrik Eklund revealed his team had sold for more than $24 million and that he was launching his wine in the United States. In an Instagram post, he revealed that 30,000 bottles of his signature wine, High Kick Rosé, would be coming to the United States from Italy. Not only is he not slowing down at work, but he’s also launching another product in the United States. It sounds like he’s not taking any paternity leave before his twins come, but one can imagine he will take time off to enjoy fatherhood once they arrive.

Perhaps Fredrik is feeling so comfortable working at this point in time because the surrogate is local. Maybe it won’t take long for him and Derek to visit her when the time comes. Since she is carrying twins, it is possible she will be induced early. Since Fredrik has been so private about the matter, it’s hard to figure out what is going to happen.

Watch Fredrik Eklund’s Instagram page for updates on the birth of his twins later this month.

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