Malia Obama FBI Probe: Chelsea Clinton Strongly Rebukes ‘Fake News’ Rumor From ‘Trump’s Tabloid Crony’

The Malia Obama FBI probe is fake news, according to Chelsea Clinton in a fierce tweet aimed at an alleged Donald Trump media surrogate. Like she defended Barron Trump from online trolls and media critics, the former first daughter slammed rumors that federal agents questioned Malia for a probe of Harvey Weinstein.

Chelsea Clinton is proving that she is a steadfast defender of first children, no matter their party affiliation. On Tuesday, Chelsea took to Twitter and admonished a recent tabloid post about Malia Obama, calling the so-called FBI questioning of Malia Obama about the beleaguered film producer patently false.

“Loathsome. Just loathsome. Please leave Malia alone to lead her own life & keep her out of your (shameful) agenda!” Chelsea said in her tweet, ostensibly aimed at Trump’s “fake news” machine.

Clinton’s remarks come on the heels of a report from liberal news media site ShareBlue that lambasted the false news in a post titled, “Trump’s tabloid cronies shamefully fabricates disgusting smear attacking Malia Obama.”

David J. Pecker is the CEO of parent company, America Media, which has the National Enquirer and Globe magazine as subsidiaries. Pecker is known in the media establishment as a longtime Trump supporter, according to People.

Chelsea Clinton pushed back on the Globe’s story that claimed the FBI had questioned Malia Obama about what she knew and when she knew about her boss from the Weinstein Company. Harvey Weinstein, who supported Barack Obama during his presidency, is the subject of a law enforcement probe after numerous women in Hollywood came forward and alleged sexual harassment and abuse.

The Globe alleges in its headline that Malia Obama was already “questioned” in the FBI’s probe of Weinstein. However, in the body of its article, the site claims that federal agents have not formally questioned Barack and Michelle’s eldest daughter yet. However, it puts forth that its secret sources claim “agents want to grill Malia in a hush-hush deposition.”

Verified Politics called the Globe story about Malia Obama’s FBI interrogation as part of Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct “intentionally misleading.” Mr. Weinstein maintains his innocence, and there is no credible information being reported by mainstream media to corroborate the tabloid report, according to the site.

Chelsea Clinton’s repudiation of the Malia Obama FBI questioning rumors comes a year after online trolls spat a slew of offensive statements at then 11-year-old Barron Trump. Months later, Chelsea chimed used Twitter again to criticize a report by the Daily Caller that shined a negative light on Barron’s style of dress.

“It’s high time the media & everyone leave Barron Trump alone & let him have the private childhood he deserves,” Chelsea tweeted. Clinton’s defense of Barron quickly drew the attention of First Lady Melania Trump, who thanked Chelsea for using her voice against bullying of children.

So far, Malia Obama has remained silent about the alleged FBI probe rumors and Chelsea Clinton’s criticism of same the supposed fake news.

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