Duggar Family News: Joy-Anna Duggar's Due Date Seems To Have Been Leaked Online

Joy-Anna Duggar surprised a lot of the Duggar community after she took on the role of a fully submissive wife to her husband, Austin Forsyth. Now pregnant with her first child, the youngest of the married Duggar sisters is at the center of the Duggar community's interest and attention.

Unfortunately for fans of the Duggars, the iconic conservative reality TV family has been incredibly secretive about any details surrounding Joy-Anna's pregnancy. Even as photos of the recently married young woman emerge online, the Duggars have been completely silent about any information concerning Joy-Anna's upcoming delivery.

That is, of course, until recently. In a casual conversation in one of Tumblr's Duggar-themed pages, one of the community's moderators dropped a nifty piece of information that might very well prove to be the first real speculation about Joy-Anna's pregnancy. According to the moderator of the webpage, a source close to the Duggars has leaked Joy-Anna's due date.

"According to a friend who saw Joy at a wedding a few weeks ago, she is due February 22."
The date that was referenced by the Tumblr moderator is quite interesting. After all, if Joy-Anna Duggar is indeed due on February 22, 2018, it would mean that the baby was conceived sometime late May 2017.

According to the online Pregnancy Conception Calculator, a baby with a due date of February 22, 2018 was most likely conceived from May 27 to May 31, 2017. The results of the online pregnancy calculator further stated that the most likely intercourse date that led to Joy-Anna's pregnancy was between May 24 to May 31, 2017.

These results are quite interesting, especially since several rumors have emerged over the past few months alleging that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth consummated their relationship prior to their marriage date.

Considering that the couple tied the knot on May 27, 2017, the upcoming baby's conception falls right in the window calculated by the online Pregnancy Conception Calculator. If the first leak about Joy-Anna Duggar's due date is accurate, and the reality TV star is indeed due on February 22, it would seem like their child was conceived right on the day of their wedding.

Joy-Anna Duggar has managed to gain a lot of sympathy among members of the Duggar family community. Assertive and almost fierce during her teenage years, many Duggar family fans were speculating that she would be the next Jinger, breaking away from her family's conservative views and adopting a more liberal stance of married life.

Today, however, Joy-Anna seems to be developing into a clone of her mother, Michelle. She immediately got pregnant right after getting married. She is also, as far as Duggar fans can see, fully submissive towards her husband. Among all her married sisters, she is the only one without her own Instagram account. Thus, at least for now, there is really no way for the Duggar family community to know her personal thoughts and feelings, unless they are aired through her husband.

[Featured Image by Austin and Joy Forsyth/Instagram]