‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli Could Find More Clues In The Tale Of Two Jasons

General Hospital writers have really brought it with their November sweeps. The familiar faces are just the icing on the cake for dedicated fans who have hung in for the long haul. Bradford Anderson is returning as Spinelli. Steve Burton (Jason Morgan/Patient 6) shared a video of the two on the set of General Hospital on social media a while back. Anderson’s return is going to tie into the tale of two Jasons, but which side will Spinelli land on?

There have been a lot of assumptions among General Hospital fans about who the real Jason Morgan is at this point. Even the people in Port Charles are unsure who is Jason and who is Andrew. Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) ran the DNA tests, and the two are identical twins. Now, it is up to the people closest to the situation to find out what is real and what is perception. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Spinelli will play a role in finding out who is who in Port Charles.

Spinelli and Jason have had a friendship that was unique since the beginning. Spinelli called Jason “Stone Cold” while working as a computer whiz for him and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). He was as devastated as the rest when Jason was shot and went missing back in 2012. When Billy Miller arrived to take over the role of Jason on General Hospital, Spinelli was a key player in helping Port Charles realize Jake Doe was Jason. Now that there are two men who claim the same life, Spinelli is going to feel the obligation to help his long-time friend.

Speculation is that Anna (Finola Hughes) will connect the disco ball with Andre’s (Anthony Montgomery) link to the tale of two Jasons. General Hospital has big plans for Bradford Anderson’s return, and he could easily help Anna decode the info found inside the disco ball. Why would Andre leave it to Anna in the first place? That wasn’t the last time General Hospital fans will see Andre, so what is the significance? With the “Jackal” back in Port Charles, more clues are about to be discovered. Spinelli may hold the knowledge needed to break open the case.

The pieces to the Jason puzzle are starting to come together now. General Hospital writers mentioned the storyline would run for roughly nine months, and it has only just begun. With Bradford Anderson’s return and the upcoming arrival of a new character played by Tamara Braun, there are so many questions. Spinelli is going to be forced to choose which Jason he will side with, and General Hospital spoilers are leaning toward Billy Miller’s character getting the support of the computer whiz.

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Will Spinelli be able to solve the tale of two Jasons, or will General Hospital fans be more puzzled after he arrives?

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