‘Big Brother 18’ Stars Nicole Franzel, Victor Arroyo Make A Big Move: What’s The Latest From The ‘BB18’ Pair?

Nicole Franzel won Big Brother 18 in her second appearance on the CBS series and she found romance during both her first and second stints on the show. While both of those initial relationships faded, she once again fell for a Big Brother co-star recently and this time it seems that it’s the real deal. What’s the latest for Nicole and her beau, Victor Arroyo?

Franzel fell for co-star Hayden Voss during Season 16 and the two Big Brother stars were able to transition their relationship into a long-distance romance once the season ended. They stayed together for quite some time, but Nicole stunned BB18 viewers when she entered the house single again with little mention of what happened to her romance with Hayden.

The Big Brother 18 star hit it off with Corey Brooks, and the two spent a lot of quality time together outside of the house. However, things fell apart a few months later. Luckily, it looks like the third time is the charm. A few months ago, Nicole and BB18 co-star Victor Arroyo reconnected and it looks like this relationship may go the distance.

The two BB18 stars spent Halloween together and Arroyo joined Franzel in Nashville for her exciting gig as a red carpet correspondent for the Country Music Awards. Not only were Nicole and Victor together in Nashville, but fans learned from an Instagram live story of Franzel’s that the Tennessee visit was the beginning of a big move for the Big Brother 18 lovebirds.

As many “ElfitNic” fans on Twitter shared, Nicole shared via an Instagram story that Victor drove to Nashville with all of his belongings and he would head to her hometown of Ubly, Michigan from there. The two have talked previously about potential plans for him to leave Slidell, Louisiana and move to her small town in Michigan, and now they are following through. This is a big step, as neither of Franzel’s previous Big Brother romanced progressed to the point of anybody moving.

Victor and Nicole have not been shy about their love for one another since going public and Big Brother fans love the two together. Will wedding bells eventually ring for Arroyo and Franzel? It might be too soon to start stalking the BB18 duo for specifics on that front, but it certainly looks as if they might be headed in that direction.

The BB18 duo will surely be sharing plenty of posts showing their life together in Ubly once he gets settled and their avid fans cannot wait for updates. Do you think that Big Brother 18 stars Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo’s romance will go the distance?

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