Jenelle Evans Not Happy That MTV Gave Nathan Griffith Air Time During The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion?

Jenelle Evans recently deleted her Twitter account because she wanted MTV to know that she would only continue to film Teen Mom 2 if she got respect from the producers and the film crew. Jenelle revealed that she was tired of being portrayed in a negative light and she felt that the producers were trying to make David Eason look like an abusive husband. After deleting her Twitter account, she revealed that she was going to focus on her family. She returned to Twitter just before the Teen Mom 2 reunion special aired on MTV and she gladly retweeted messages from fans who were supporting her.

During the reunion special, David didn’t like Dr. Drew’s questions and he stormed off. Jenelle decided to follow him to the hotel, meaning Nathan Griffith and his mother got to take the stage. MTV decided to give them a chance to explain themselves. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she didn’t like how Nathan got to speak and she revealed this through a retweet from a fan. Apparently, people didn’t like how Jenelle’s husband David was controlling, but they didn’t understand why Nathan should get the floor and talk about her new relationship.

“I can’t believe that MTV chooses now to build up Nathan, a known and recorded abuser, who Barb even said choked Jenelle when she was pregnant, and then trash David by implying he abuses her. So sickening,” one person wrote on Twitter, something Jenelle retweeted, while another added, “I didn’t see it as building Nathan up. Just trying to get answers. Nathan’s mom looked the best out of everyone on the stage in my opinion. Just a sad situation.”

David Eason didn’t want to speak out about the claims that he abused Kaiser. He wanted to leave the show and they drove off from the reunion special. Evans didn’t get to speak after they left the set, but Nathan was ready to share his story and Barbara was also ready to discuss their custody issues over Jace. When Nathan’s mother saw an opportunity to share what she knew, she went on stage to support her son. She revealed that all she wanted was for Kaiser to be safe, no matter what. She also revealed that David had hit Kaiser and that the child had told her this in confidence. Since David wasn’t there to defend himself, fans may feel that there’s some truth to this.

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