Donald Trump Wants To Do Breakfast With ‘Real Americans’ But For A Price — A $3 Re-Election Donation

U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly wants to personally have breakfast with some of his supporters, but here’s the catch: he’d like a $3 donation first.

In an exclusive report by TMZ, it has been alleged that the president and his team are already gearing up for his re-election this early on. Apparently, they are setting up a special event that will give “real Americans” a chance to meet the POTUS face to face and talk about important issues.

The webloid claimed that on Monday, Trump and Mike Pence’s re-election committee sent out invitations to GOP members and supporters, asking them for a $3 donation. In return, the lucky donor will have a chance to sit with Trump over breakfast and talk about the “direction of the country.”

In the letter obtained by the gossip site, Trump purportedly wrote that he is looking forward to hearing what “REAL Americans” have to say about the current state of the country. The president is also hoping to get some suggestions as to what he should work on next.

Trump reiterated in his invitation that he is working hard to end his first year fulfilling his promise of listening to people but this time, he wants to do it over breakfast.

The webloid also noted that Trump’s deadline for the breakfast raffle is on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

President Donald Trump reportedly sent breakfast invitations in exchange for $3 donation. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

With Donald Trump’s $3 breakfast invitation, many are wondering if there will be a lot of participants. Interestingly, the outlook appeared positive as it has been revealed that the majority of his supporters would vote for him once again given the chance.

In a poll conducted by Politico/Morning Consult, it has been revealed that eight out of 10 American who voted for Trump in 2016 would do it again if he runs for office once more.

President Donald Trump's supporters reportedly wants to vote for him again given the chance. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Apparently, 82 percent of Trump voters don’t regret their choice and would do it all over if the opportunity arises. This is despite the fact that the president had quite a rough first year.

Previously, it has been reported that Trump’s overall approval rating didn’t even hit 40 percent in September. According to reports, only 38 percent of Americans were satisfied with his performance while 55 percent were not pleased.

The same poll also revealed that support for Trump from his base is waning. Apparently, enthusiasm for Trump drastically decreased amid all the controversies, including the Russia investigation, feuds, scandals, and even stalled legislative agendas.

[Featured Image by Pool/Getty Images]