Angelina Jolie Weight Loss Worsens? Brad Pitt Split Reportedly Hurts 'Very Thin' Star's Diet And Health

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split up months ago, but the stress from that breakup reportedly has caused Jolie's noticeable weight loss. Sources are claiming that Angelina is suffering a loss of appetite and health concerns in the wake of her marriage's end.

One insider told Hollywood Life that Jolie has continued to experience anxiety over her split from Brad and the resulting changes in their family. The insider shared that Angelina has problems eating enough food because of the transformations in her life.

"Whenever she's under stress, Angelina always loses her appetite."
Unless Jolie has someone with her to keep track of what she is eating, Angelina reportedly tends to skip meals. The mom of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Vivienne, Knox, and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt then loses weight, added the source. And that weight loss is a concern.

"Unless she has someone by her side making sure she's eating regularly, she has a tendency to...lose weight, which really isn't good," emphasized the insider. "She's so thin anyway."

The stress of Jolie's split from Brad Pitt has taken its toll. But as the months have passed, Angelina has begun to feel better emotionally, according to the source. As a result, she now can begin focusing on improving her health. With her kids as her first priority, Jolie's second main priority is "getting her health back on track again," added the insider.

Although some reports have claimed that Angelina is secretly planning to tie the knot for the fourth time, the source scoffed at those rumors that Jolie has found love with a wealthy philanthropist and wants to wed once more.

"Angelina has no plan, or desire, to get married again—her divorce from Brad isn't even finalized yet—so God only knows where the wedding reports have come from," summed up the insider.

Angelina Jolie is attracting attention for her weight loss, which reportedly is linked to the stress of her split from Brad Pitt.
Angelina Jolie is attracting attention for her weight loss, which reportedly is linked to the stress of her split from Brad Pitt. [Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

Instead, Jolie is focused on getting her life back after an exceptionally difficult year. Angelina is finally at the point where she can restore her well-being, according to the source.

"The past year, following the split from Brad, has been monumentally stressful and challenging for Angelina."
But the stress involving Brad Pitt reportedly isn't over yet. Hollywood Life cautioned that Jolie and Pitt are bickering over how they will split the time with their children during the winter holidays. With that stress ahead, can Angelina succeed in gaining back some of the weight that she lost?

Radar Online reported that Jolie shocked a Hollywood audience recently when she appeared in a revealing outfit. Angelina stepped on stage looking extremely slender. The mom of six opted for a bright frock that only served to accentuate her frail body.

"Scary appearance! Angelina Jolie looks very thin."
The publication pointed out that Angelina has been extremely active in recent weeks, managing to care for the six kids who she co-parents with Brad Pitt while at the same time making numerous red carpet appearances. It is thought that the activity has caused her to lose even more weight. Fans have expressed concern about Jolie's thin figure.

Angelina devoted 11 years of her life to reigning as half of Brangelina, succeeding in her relationship with Brad Pitt in becoming Hollywood's power couple. But Jolie ended all those images of the perfect relationship when she filed for divorce from Pitt last September, pointed out the Daily Mail.

Although Angelina and Brad began their romance in 2005 after Pitt abandoned his first wife Jennifer Aniston for Jolie, the couple did not marry until 2014. They have three adopted children and three biological youngsters. Although Angelina and Brad are reportedly seeking to co-parent, it's Jolie who has been seen in public with the youngsters. The stress of that constant spotlight may also be taking its toll.

But it's not just fans who are reportedly concerned about Angelina's weight loss and health. As the Inquisitr reported, there have been rumors that some of Angelina's friends are worried about her weight loss as well.

One report even claimed that Jolie is living on a few hundred calories per day of mostly fruit and that she was smoking to reduce her appetite even more. However, that report was debunked.

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