Euro Wife In ‘Midlife Crisis’ Ditches Kids, Husband Of 23 Years, Flies To Africa To Meet Younger Lover

A 44-year-old European woman is a runaway bride — some 23 years later — and her scorned husband is confused why his “midlife crisis” wife left him and their nine children behind to meet up with a much younger man.

Heidi Hepworth recently lived in North East England in the town of East Bolden with her husband Andy and their children. Suddenly, the man’s life was upended when his wife left home and didn’t return.

It didn’t take long for him to realize the woman, who he suspected of “changing” over the years, had run out on him. He validated his suspicions when he learned the mother of his children had blocked him on social media.

Soon, the husband put the pieces together and learned that his wife had left her life behind in England and fled to be with Mamadou Jallow, a man who hails from Gambia. Reportedly, the woman and her new lover met on Facebook and decided to meet in Africa for the first time.

Andy says his wife’s lover is 14 years younger, and she is likely going through a phase of curiosity and rediscovery in her life, as he explained to the press.

“It’s a midlife crisis. She started going to the gym, booking sunbeds, getting tattoos and wearing dresses.

“The person she has become is horrible. She was a loving, caring mum. Now it’s like an alien has possessed her body. He has brainwashed her. It’s one big fantasy for her and she is following it through step by step.”

What’s particularly worrisome to Andy is Heidi was so committed to connecting with the African man that she left her minor children — ages 6, 9, and 11 — in her sister’s care. In a conversation with the media from her new home, for the time being, Heidi downplayed the manner in which she fled their home to meet her African partner.

“The children haven’t been left to fend for themselves. I’m missing them and video chat every day. It’s hard but they understand. I don’t know if I will move here permanently but I see my future with Mamadou and my children.”

The runaway wife acknowledges that she “met a young gentleman” in Africa, but insists that their relationship is not considered an affair. She said her marriage to Andy soured over the years and they “drifted apart,” according to LAD Bible.

“Can a woman not have a new relationship?”

In March, Andy said he noticed telltale signs of a change in his wife’s behavior.

“She was wearing more makeup and dresses which she’d never done before. It just wasn’t her. She was going out all the time with friends and was always on her phone. She has strange friends on Facebook, men from Africa and Asia.”

The rebuffed husband admitted he and his wife had marital problems in the past, but they reconciled. At one point in their marriage, he separated from his wife but had a change of heart and returned. The pair is parents of six biological children and three from Heidi’s previous relationship.

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