Derick Dillard Defiant After TLC Ouster, Tells Duggar Critics He Will Thank Jazz Jennings For A Donation

Derick Dillard took to Instagram late on Sunday to hint he stands by his views about transgender people. Earlier, he told a critic he would thank Jazz Jennings if the teen donated to his fundraiser.

TLC announced last week the Duggar son-in-law would not be featured on Counting On in the future, according to ET Online. This decision was made months ago and the network has not featured Derick in the recent past. TLC also distanced itself from Derick Dillard’s views and stated that it was proud to share the story of transgender teen Jazz Jennings. In his tweets, Derick had questioned the teen’s portrayal, while using male references for Jennings.

News of Derick’s ouster left those who follow the Duggars on television divided in opinion. Supporters of the Duggar family feel Jill Duggar’s husband is being penalized for voicing his opinion while critics lauding the network’s move deem Derick’s comments as hateful. He has denied allegations of perpetuating hate, while maintaining his views do not stop him from being compassionate to those he disagrees with. As indicated by his social media activity, Derick has been made aware by responses to his ouster.

In his latest Instagram post (at the time of writing), Derick Dillard shared a popular quote from American evangelist Rick Warren, which suggests defiance. The meme that Derick shared, however, has a picture of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. Warren’s quote is often erroneously attributed to Robertson.

Ever since he first spoke about Jazz Jennings earlier, Derick Dillard’s views, mostly expressed through Twitter, have stirred disagreements between Duggar family fans and critics. A day before TLC went public with the announcement of Derick’s ouster from Counting On, the latter set up a fundraiser to seek support for his education. The fundraiser has also come under heavy criticism.

While responding to Derick Dillard’s fundraiser announcement post TLC’s announcement, one Twitter user asked if he would thank Jazz Jennings for a donation.

Derick’s past attempts to raise funds for his education reportedly failed. This time, he is seeking $10,000 for education-related missionary activities in the U.S. and abroad. Though his campaign is trending on GoFundMe, Derick Dillard has so far only managed to raise $2,714, of which $2,694 was donated offline by an anonymous donor.

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