‘Climate Cliff’ Becomes The New Environmental Buzzword

With the term “fiscal cliff” being thrown around as the buzzword of 2012, it was only a matter of time before another group picked up on the trend. Now a group of environmentalists are trying to spread the term “Climate Cliff.”

The #ClimateCliff campaign was launched in December by the climate accountability organization Forecast the Facts. The group says the Climate Cliff is more series than the Fiscal Cliff, which they call a “manufactured crisis.”

Brad Johnson, the Forecast the Facts campaign manager, says of the situation:

“The fiscal cliff is being talked about with these fake claims of responsibility to future generations … So they’re using language that would actually make sense if they were talking about climate change.”

Johnson then adds:

“If we actually had leaders who cared about future generations in the way that they say they do, then climate change would have been addressed already.”

By using the Twitter hashtag #ClimateCliff, the group hopes to “win the Twitter war on the climate cliff versus the fiscal cliff.”

Since launching in early December the “climate cliff” wording has been tweeted 4,300 times, far below the “fiscal cliff” mentions. However, the climate change campaign has also racked up 15,000 signatures after setting a goal of just 10,000.

Will the #ClimateCliff catch phrase catch on? Only time will tell. In the meantime, as the “fiscal cliff” comes to an end and politicians once again focus on other aspects of politics, there is a chance that the Climate Cliff could become a new buzzword as the environment once again possibly receives some media time.

Here is a video of Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) warning about the climate cliff humanity is careening over:

Here is the full poster for the Climate Cliff campaign:

Climate Cliff