21 Kids Injured At Parkour Gym in San Diego, Is Overcrowding The Cause?

Parkour center for kids had a massive accident after one of Vault PK’s indoor structure collapsed.

According to 10 News, the accident happened around 8 p.m. on Main St. and Sigsbee. When the San Diego Fire Department came to the rescue, there were 21 children who were injured and two adults. So far, the injuries reported “ranged from minor to moderate.”

On that night, there were about 150 children at the center, playing and practicing at different obstacle courses in the center. However, it was reported that there was about a third of the kids who went to the 10-foot-by-30-foot platform and that might have been one of the reasons of the collapse.

Parent Cory Brizendine told the reporters that the kids were going to the platform because that was where the pizza was served.

“Once the majority of kids got up there, the whole platform collapsed.

The platform was also connected to a staircase, so it fell down together with the kids. As the accident happened, broken wood came falling down the kids below, amounting to a domino effect on the victims.

One of the injured, Zachary Smith, said he was at Vault PK with his son for a birthday party. Smith said that even though there were no serious injuries, he believes the accident could have been avoided. The father said that the structure did not seem built strong enough to handle that many people.

Other parents were concerned about the event. Another parent who decided not to share his name said most of the children who were there probably got Groupons to participate that night. The parent added that he expected just about 40 to 50 kids to appear that night, “but there were probably three times that.”

Total Combat Paintball, another facility who shares the gym, said they did not expect the collapse to happen.

“It was business as usual until we heard a loud boom come from the gym, at which point our staff and some customers ran over to the gym to help any way we could,” the company said in a statement.

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An hour after the accident happened, the center was filled with medics and fire trucks.

City building inspectors were seen Sunday and were said to be continuing the investigation on the accident.

So far, Vault PK has not issued any statement on the accident.

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