'This Is Us' Star Mandy Moore Reveals Wedding And Thanksgiving Plans With Taylor Goldsmith

While This is Us has proven to be a huge success for actress Mandy Moore, her career is not the only thing in her life soaring high. Moore became engaged to Dawes singer-guitarist Taylor Goldsmith after two years of dating just a few months ago. Even though she has not been engaged for long, Mandy is already talking about her plans for the future with her fiance and their wedding may actually be sooner rather than later.

Moore is speaking out about her upcoming nuptials and also about her plans for Thanksgiving with Goldsmith. MSN shared Mandy's plans for marrying her best friend and Moore says she definitely wants to do it soon. Mandy says she does not feel the need to wait and that she does not want some big lavish wedding. Moore knows what she wants and therefore does not see the point in waiting long to marry Goldsmith.

Moore goes on to say she is looking forward to starting a family with Taylor after they are married even though she doesn't feel like her role as Rebecca Pearson has taught her much about parenting. Mandy says she knows she loves being around children of all ages, but on the set the parents are close by to deal with dirty diapers, meals and tantrums. Moore has not had to handle any of those things.

Moore, who got to know Taylor via Instagram, says those seeking love on the internet should not be afraid to put yourself out there. Mandy did just that and now is marrying the love of her life. Things worked out for Mandy and Taylor as now she is beginning to plan her big day.

Moore shared with Entertainment Tonight three things that are happening for her wedding. Mandy says she and Taylor want a friend to officiate the ceremony. In doing this she feels it will create a connection with friends and family and allow them to be a part of everything. Moore also says she is thinking she would like a private wedding perhaps at her new dream home which is currently being built.

Along with a private wedding at home officiated by a friend, Mandy says music will play a huge role in her wedding. Moore is wanting to incorporate her soon-to-be husband's music and possibly some of their musician friends into the big day. Mandy says the wedding will be, "A slightly more elevated house party, nothing fancy."

Her wedding is not the only upcoming plans Mandy is working on. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Moore shared with People the plans she and Taylor have for the holiday. Mandy says she and Taylor will be celebrating Thanksgiving at her future in-laws house. Moore says, "My mother-in-law is going to do the brunt of the work. She's the best. I love her so much!"

Mandy gushed about how much she loves Thanksgiving and how for the past few years she had ditched tradition and had Friendsgiving. Mandy says family is there, but also lots of friends. It's potluck and casual for the guests. Moore says, "The thing I appreciate most about Thanksgiving is the unabashed vulnerability." Mandy goes on to say, "It's like a year in review, taking stock of everything that happened and feeling like you have the leeway to speak from the heart. That's my favorite tradition of any sort of holiday like this." Next year Moore is hoping to host the holiday at her new home, which should be ready to move into just after the holidays.

While no official wedding date has been announced, it looks like Mandy will be getting married fairly soon. Once she has tied the knot, fans will have all the details. In the meantime, don't miss Moore on This is Us when it airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]