Jared Kushner Better Come Out Clean About His Relations With Russia, Warns Republican Senator

Mohit Priyadarshi

Jared Kushner has been warned to come out clean about his alleged relations with Russia by Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Donald Trump's son-in-law has seen pressure mounted on him since the indictments of former Trump campaign staff members by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Apart from Trump's former National Security adviser Mike Flynn, Kushner is rumored to be a top target for Mueller, who is looking for financial irregularities in his business transactions during and before Trump decided to run for presidency. As CNN reported, Mueller also questioned White House aide Stephen Miller earlier this week about Kushner's role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, something which could even see him being charged for obstructing justice.

That's not all. Following the bombshell release of Paradise Papers, it was revealed that one of Jared Kushner's Russian business associates, technocrat Yuri Milner, pumped in millions of dollars into American social media companies allegedly at the behest of Kremlin-backed institutions. It also emerged this week that Kushner took a previously undisclosed trip to Saudi Arabia recently, where he was reported to have spent a night in discussions with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Soon after that meeting, Mohammad bin Salman took drastic steps by arresting several members of the royal family in what was termed as a crackdown on corruption, but was more essentially viewed as a political purge by outside analysts. It is not clear if Kushner carried Trump's message to the Middle Eastern country, but it remains one of the points that both federal and congressional investigations into Kushner's role are also looking at along with his financial history. Earlier this week, there were also reports suggesting that along with wife Ivanka Trump, Kushner may have used taxpayer money to pay for his private vacations.

Kushner is also under scrutiny for having met with the Russian ambassador and the head of a Russian bank facing U.S. sanctions during the campaign, but for not having provided the content of those meetings to the Senate.

All of this casts further doubts about a man who has previously been criticized for not revealing his "numerous foreign contacts from the federal form that he filled out to gain a high-level security clearance," according to HuffPost.

Republican senator Collins warned Jared Kushner for coming out clean about his alleged relations and business ties with Russians, or face full wrath of the Constitution. She said that regardless of his position within the Trump administration, Kushner should be called to Capitol Hill to be questioned about his business connections and potential links to Russians during his time as an adviser to the Trump campaign.

"I believe that whenever there are discrepancies in testimony, regardless of who it is, that we should recall people," she said.

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