Prince William And Kate Middleton Next On The Throne? Latest Polls Indicates Brits Do Not Want A King Charles

A recent poll has shown that an increase of Brits who want to see William become king has reached a crescendo. More than ever, people want William to take the throne after Queen Elizabeth. Yet, the current mood indicates that there is a dramatic decline for the support of the British monarchy. What do the polls state, and could Prince William even become the next King of England?

The question of whether Prince William should be the next king has once again come up after a recent “highly respected poll” indicates that the British public would rather have Wills on the throne, with his wife Duchess Catherine alongside him, leaving Prince Charles and Camilla out in the cold.

Express has reported that Opinion Research released the results of their bi-yearly online poll on the royal family. Between Tuesday and Thursday, the online poll questioned 2,500 U.K. adults on the royal family. James Endersby, the managing director explained that the poll results show that the desire for William to take the throne is at a peak now.

“The proportion of people who advocate for William to be crowned as the next monarch has reached its highest point.”

According to Vogue, who recently researched whether Prince William could be the next king over Prince Charles, uncovered that it is very possible.

First, they looked to the 1701 Act of Settlement, which states that the “British monarch must be the direct descendent of the ruler, thus crowning Sophia of Hanover at the time.” This is important as because “the monarch is also the head of the Church of England.”

The publication explains that as Prince William is the son of Prince Charles, “there’s no real legal standing for him from taking over.” Then there is the clincher: “if his father wants to step aside.”

In other words, Prince William could definitely be the next King of England, but his father has to be willing to forgo his time as king in order for his son to wear the crown.

Brits want the ever-popular Prince William to take the throne after Queen Elizabeth, not his father, Prince Charles. [Image  by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]

But would Prince Charles give up the throne for Prince William? No heir apparent has ever waited this long to sit on the throne.

Nearly two years ago, the Daily Mail pondered this very question of whether Charles would “pass the throne straight to” William, “as a means of expressing regret he had to wait so long.”

Does Prince Charles want to potentially save the monarchy and step aside? It is assumed that as Charles is now beginning to take over some of Queen Elizabeth’s duties, such as laying the Remembrance Wreath on Sunday, he is preparing for his eventual role as king.

Unlike elections, where the most popular candidate generally wins, the monarchy is based on tradition. While Prince William could become king, more than likely that he will be waiting his turn, as tradition dictates.

While discussing the poll results, James Endersby explained that the royal family will not stray from tradition, but instead put the very popular William, Harry and Kate front and center as often as possible, and Charles will become king.

“While the royal family are likely to conform to the traditional order of succession, it is likely they will continue to use the respective popularity of Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge to ensure the monarchy’s overarching relevance with the U.K. public.”

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]