Man Beats The Odds And Conceives Child After Being Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer And Only Having 5% Chance of Fathering A Child

Man Beats The Odds And Conceives Child After Being Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer And Only Having 5% Chance of Fathering A Child

Huw Allanson, because of his testicular cancer diagnosis, was afraid for the longest time that he would not be able to become a father.

According to Mail Online, Allanson has fought against testicular cancer twice. In the process of fighting his testicular cancer, he had his left testicle removed and had nine rounds of chemotherapy.

Even after all of that, what disheartened Allanson the most is that he was told his chances of becoming a father had dropped to five percent.

However, five percent proved to be more than enough this year.

Incredibly, just a week before he and his fiancé Lizi, 32, were due to start IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), they discovered that they were able to conceive on their own.

Huw, 27, told MailOnline:

“It has been an amazing year. One of my biggest ambitions in life was to have a family, but I was always concerned it would never happen.”

Allanson was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 18 years old. After noticing a lump on his left testicle, he was referred to a specialist for an ultrasound test which confirmed the lump was cancerous and his testicle would need to be removed.

He said:

“I have always wanted to be a dad but there wasn’t much time to think about everything at the time – I was diagnosed on the Friday and had surgery on the Monday. Afterwards, I went away, assuming that was it and tried to get on with my life.”

Unfortunately, that was not the end of Allanson’s fight with cancer. Just three months after the surgery, he received the news that the cancer was back. But what’s worse, is that the cancer had spread to his stomach.

“It was terrifying to be told it had come back and I was pretty scared,” said Allanson.

In order to fight the cancer, Huw needed nine gruelling rounds of intensive chemotherapy at Charing Cross Hospital.

When Allanson met Lizi at one of his friend’s birthday outings four years ago, the couple quickly decided they wanted to start a family.

They tried for over a year to get pregnant, and when it didn’t happen, they started to worry.

Allanson said:

“I mentioned at one of my yearly cancer check-ups that we’d been trying for a baby, with no luck.”

After running tests on his sperm, the couple were devastated to hear that they had only a 5 percent chance of conceiving naturally due to his sperms quality.

Since they still wanted to conceive a child, they decided to have fertility treatment and prepared for IVF.

However, nine days before they were due to start IVF, Lizi discovered she was six weeks pregnant.

Allanson said:

“I’ll never forget that day – we were absolutely elated. I was obviously delighted that I was going to be a father but I was also happy for Lizi that she didn’t have to go through some of the unpleasant procedures that IVF involves. We’d been to a talk about it and it didn’t sound very nice.”

Their son Ryan was born after a natural birth weighing 7lb 4oz.

Allanson said:

“He’s a very healthy and happy baby. He’s got Lizi’s mouth and nose and my hair at the moment! The day he was born was one of the best days of my life – I’d been so excited for the nine months before his arrival and couldn’t believe he was finally here.”

Hopefully, many hopeful parents will be able to relate to their story and find the inspiration to not give up … no matter what the odds.