Donald Trump Boasts Of His ‘Chemistry’ With Putin During Asia Tour

Donald Trump’s most recent tweetfest includes some of his most common topics: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un. With regard to Putin, Trump compared his relationship with Russia to efforts by Obama, saying that the former president of the United States lacked “chemistry” with the Russian leader.

Trump is currently on an overseas trip, visiting other world leaders, and the possibility of a meeting with Putin aroused some controversy, as investigations into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials continue. According to VOA News, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that Trump had only shaken hands with Putin, and had not had a formal meeting.

Saturday evening, however, Donald Trump tweeted that he had met the Russian leader and had “good discussions on Syria.”

“Met with President Putin of Russia who was at #APEC meetings. Good discussions on Syria. Hope for his help to solve, along with China the dangerous North Korea crisis. Progress being made.”

Progressing from that statement, President Trump addressed Americans who are concerned about the relationship between his campaign and Russian officials, calling these constituents “haters and fools,” before going on to indicate that he has a better “chemistry” with Putin than former President Barack Obama and to describe Hillary Clinton as “begging Russia to be our friend.”


Then, switching topics, Trump spoke of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying that he keeps trying to befriend the man whom he has characterized as “rocket man,” and can’t understand why Kim would insult him.


Trump suggested in October that Clinton, Obama, and Bush had all failed by trying to be nice to North Korean leadership, but that Trump knew that method would not work.


Notably, Jong-un took office in 2016.

Donald Trump and Putin have good chemistry, says pres
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Kim Jong-un has referred to Trump as a “dotard” at least twice now in public statements — a word meaning an elderly person who is suffering loss of mental faculties. According to CNN, the most recent statement, issued as Trump spoke with leaders across Asia and addressed how he would handle North Korea, described the president’s tour as “nothing but a business trip by a warmonger to enrich the monopolies of the US defense industry.”

Initially posting each of these to his personal Twitter account, Donald Trump retweeted, with his official President Trump handle, two of the tweets: the one in which he described meeting Putin, and the one calling constituents “haters and fools.” On the official White House Twitter feed, he retweeted the missive referring to Kim Jong-un as “short and fat.”

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