'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Is Theo To Blame For Being Shot? Salem's Shocked Residents Are Divided

Fans of Days of Our Lives will see a very emotional JJ on Monday's show. When he realizes who has been struck down by his bullet, the panic will set in as he frantically tries to get help for Theo. It doesn't take long for others who know Theo to be shocked as well.

The following will contain spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you want to be surprised, now is the time to stop reading.

On Friday's Days of Our Lives, viewers saw the heartbreaking scene. JJ arrived at a warehouse on the docks to see someone wearing a hoodie trying to gain entry. He called out for the suspect to freeze and drop their weapon and Theo panicked. He started to run. When he had no choice but to stop, he turned toward JJ to surrender, but still holding a large, bulky remote that would open the warehouse. JJ mistook it for a gun and fired.

Abe never really liked JJ and didn't approve of him dating Lani. This situation will be the final straw for Abe. The Horton and Carver families, once having been so close, will be at war with each other. Abe has more wrath and anger for the DiMera family, as well. Abe will struggle with the new normal that has been brought upon him and his son.

The rest of the Salem residents will be greatly affected by the tragic shooting on Days of Our Lives. Many will understand how such a mistake could happen, but there are others that want to lay blame. Some will believe that Theo should have done as instructed and JJ wouldn't have shot. Others feel that JJ is impulsive and should have taken more care before discharging his service weapon.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, this is an "umbrella story" that will last for a few months. It will go on through the exit of Kyler Pettis from Days of Our Lives. He will be leaving Salem so he can get the extensive physical therapy he will need. At this time, there has been no news on if the role will be recast or if Kyler will return.

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