Alleged Child Molester Falls To His Death After Attempting To Escape Angry Parents

A Queens man was witnessed molesting a young boy inside his bedroom, and found dead by police on the pavement outside of his building hours later.

Writers for Bossip report that 44-year-old Edgar Collaguazo died from his injuries after falling outside his bedroom window in Jackson Heights. Collaguazo was allegedly seen with his hands down the pants of a young boy who lived inside an apartment he was subletting from the child’s family.

According to reports, the family was celebrating the young boy’s sixth birthday, and Collaguazo offered to let the boy and a young girl watch a movie in his room as the party carried on into the evening hours. When the parents of the boy checked in on him around midnight, they purportedly saw Collaguazo with his hand down the boy’s pants. The young girl also admitted to the molester kissing her on the mouth sometime previously.

“Collaguazo’s death capped what began as a joyous celebration at his apartment on 95th St. near 35th Ave. in Jackson Heights,” the New York Daily News mentioned. “The boy lived with his parents in a rented room inside Collaguazo’s place.”

Collaguazo, said to be drunk, came home that evening as the party was in “full swing.” He then invited three children, the birthday boy and two girls, into his bedroom to watch television as the parents continued the celebration.

“At one point,” the Daily News says, “the girl emerged from the room acting strangely.”

“The little girl was happy and well,” the boy’s mother expressed, “and then suddenly, she came out, but… she looked different.”


The boy’s father checked on the children and Collaguazo and saw nothing out of the ordinary, but minutes later, when the mother followed suit, she saw her son sitting on Collaguazo’s lap and the molester’s hands down the boy’s pants.

After notifying the other adults in the apartment about what happened, they all made a beeline toward Collaguazo’s room and began attacking him. They then locked him in the room as they called police.

molester falls death
A man was witnessed molesting a child -- and fell to his death after attempting to escape. [Image by KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock]

The molester then tried to make a hasty escape by climbing out the bedroom window, before, as security footage shows, “[landing] directly on a metal fence, before bouncing onto the ground.”

The graphic footage of Collaguazo’s fall has been released and can be seen here. Please be advised that the visual is extremely disturbing.

“Police arrived moments later,” the New York Post continues, “[with] EMS [dispatchers rushing] him to the hospital in critical condition, and he later died.”

The boy’s mother admitted that Collaguazo and her son were close, but had no idea that the man had been molesting her child.

“If he didn’t have a filthy mind, [he’d] simply stay and face the situation,” the mother of the molested boy told the Daily News on Wednesday.

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