'Daddy's Home 2' After-Credits Scene: Do Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Save Extra Comedy For The Very End?

Moviegoers heading out to see Daddy's Home 2 will likely want to know if there's an after-credits scene that keeps the comedy going after the movie has ended.

For those not familiar with the increasingly common movie trope, the after-credits scene is a short extra bit inserted after all the credits have stopped rolling. This scene is very common in movies that are part of a series, to the point that the Marvel series even has its own format with two separate scenes. They are also quite common among comedies, with an extra joke often thrown in at the end.

So, is there an after-credits scene in Daddy's Home 2?

According to early reviews, the answer appears to be no. The website Media Stinger, which keeps track of which movies have an extra scene at the end, had no information about any scenes either during or after the credits.

While there may not be an after-credits scene in Daddy's Home 2, there may be a decent chance that viewers eventually get a third installation of the series. The movie is predicted to open to roughly $25 million, taking second place at the weekend box office behind Thor: Ragnarok. As Variety noted, the first Daddy's Home movie was able to pull in $150 million in North America and $242.7 million worldwide, making it a lucrative franchise.

But the movie will not have the benefit of good reviews to push it along. Most critics have marked the Daddy's Home sequel as dull and lacking some of the sharp wit that made the first one a surprise hit. Barry Hertz of the Toronto Globe and Mail even went so far as to give it zero stars.

But the reviews may matter little, as the movie has strong drawing power in Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg with the additions of John Lithgow and Mel Gibson. Fans of the series will likely not be swayed much by the mixed reviews, which is evident in the opening weekend predictions.

So while there may not be an after-credit scene in Daddy's Home 2, at least moviegoers will get an early jump for the exits --- and the potential of another installation in the series sometime down the line.

[Featured Image by Victor Chavez/Getty Images For Paramount Pictures]