‘The Flash’ Season 4: Who is DeVoe?

DeVoe is the main villain in season 4 of The Flash, and viewers of the TV series got a glimpse of the bad guy and his assistant in the pilot episode. However, the plot of the TV series differs from the comic books like most TV adaptations.

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers from the previous season.

Clifford DeVoe was born in Keystone City in 1910, according to the comic books. He showed intelligence from an early age and became a DA. After failing as a DA, DeVoe becomes a consultant to the crime boss, Norvock. After Norvock’s death, DeVoe was elected as the new crime boss. He was eventually imprisoned by the Flash. DeVoe is known for using scientific devices, especially his ‘thinking cap,’ to amplify his intelligence.

DeVoe, aka the Thinker (Neil Sandilands), promises to be one of the Flash’s greatest foes because of his acute intellect. Unlike other villains, DeVoe is mostly brains and less brawn. He can predict future events by deduction and manipulate things to that effect. DeVoe planned the return of Barry from the speed force and the creation of 12 new meta-humans from the dark matter emitted from Barry’s arrival.

At the end of season 4, episode 4, Ralph Dibny, alias Plastic Man (Hartley Sawyer), reveals to Barry (the Flash), played by Grant Gustin, that a client asked him to follow the mayor, which starts a series of events. According to Ralph, the client only gave his last name, “DeVoe.” Barry has a flashback immediately when he hears the name, remembering when it was mentioned by his future self and Abra Kadabra in season 3.

In the TV series, DeVoe is seated in a mechanical chair that supports him and enhances his abilities. DeVoe has genius-level intellect, and he exhibits this in his planning, deduction, and manipulation of Team Flash. He also shows his intelligence by completing Schubert’s Eighth Symphony by analyzing 600 works by the composer.

Team Flash seems to be following DeVoe’s well-orchestrated plan oblivious to his end game. The arrival of Harry Wells from Earth 2 and Barry’s recollection of DeVoe’s name will play a vital role in the creation of the cerebral inhibitor that will be used to defeat him in the end.

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