‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Slammed For Taking Photo Of Daughter Ember Covered With Baby Wipes

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff was slammed on social media recently for posting a new photo of baby Ember posing with packages of baby wipes. Audrey Roloff, 26, shared the controversial photo of baby Ember on Wednesday for her hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers. A few of Audrey’s followers have since left negative comments about the placement of the baby wipes in the photo, saying they are “not light in weight.”

Audrey Roloff took to her Facebook account on Wednesday to let her followers know that she “stocked up on” a certain brand of baby wipes because “they smell so heavenly and work insanely well.” Audrey’s comment was followed by a photo of baby Ember, who’s not quite 2-months-old. The photo of baby Ember was obviously staged with several packages of baby wipes placed around and on top of baby Ember.

Although Audrey Roloff more than likely didn’t mean for Wednesday’s photo to cause drama among her Facebook followers, a few of Audrey’s followers did comment on how full packages of baby wipes are heavy. One comment slammed Audrey for putting the baby wipes on top of baby Ember, saying to “put the wipes packages on the bed,” not on a sleeping baby. Another comment added that the packages of baby wipes should not be “on baby like that” because they are not lightweight.

Other comments defended Audrey Roloff for posing baby Ember with the four full packages of baby wipes, saying that Audrey “is not hurting that baby” and that Audrey “wouldn’t have done it” if there was a possibility of baby Ember getting hurt. The “mom shamers” were called out by Audrey’s followers, and one person wrote that she only read the comments because she “knew someone would say this.” A couple of Audrey Roloff’s Facebook followers asked if baby Ember is actually a doll and “not a real baby.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s first-born, Ember Jean, is sound asleep in the photo, which Audrey’s followers say is proof enough that she’s “definitely not hurting” in any way because “she’s sleeping” through it. Another person wrote that the packages of baby wipes don’t weigh 50 pounds, and the conversation among Audrey Roloff’s followers mentions baby Ember’s pacifier and how using baby wipes is “not good for their skin.” Still, another comment told Audrey’s “judgemental” and “negative” followers not to follow her page.

Audrey Roloff shared baby Ember’s 4-week update on her Instagram account about a month ago and shared quite a few of Ember’s “firsts” but did not share Ember’s weight at a month old. On Wednesday, when Audrey shared the photo of baby Ember covered in baby wipes, Ember was just a couple of days shy of her 2-month birthdate. Audrey Roloff shared in September that Ember weighed 7.13 lbs. at birth, and MamaNatural shared a baby weight chart that shows a 2-month-old girl usually weighs an average of 8.4 lbs.

A package of 72 baby wipes typically weighs just over a pound, so do you think Audrey Roloff’s followers are too “judgmental” about the weight of the four packages of baby wipes — about four pounds total — that she placed in the photo with baby Ember?

Business Insider shared an article this past summer that says that “mom-shamers are everywhere online,” and 7 percent of the criticism comes “from commenters on social media.” Audrey Roloff has previously been mom-shamed since the birth of baby Ember on September 10 for everything from the way she dresses baby Ember to the way she’s placed in a baby wrap carrier. Fans of a Little People, Big World Instagram fan page for Jeremy and Audrey Roloff also recently slammed the newlywed couple for letting baby Ember sleep on her tummy.

The Hollywood Gossip recently defended how Jeremy and Audrey Roloff choose to parent baby Ember Jean in an article from October asking why fans continue to offer “unsolicited advice” and “terrible opinions,” adding that “some people really, truly just need to get a grip.”

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]