Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Have Found Themselves In A ‘World Of S**t’ One Year After The Election

Less than a year after Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the presidential election, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have found themselves in a world of trouble. Between all the turnover in Trump’s administration, the alleged ties with Russia, and the failure to pass new legislation, Ivanka and her husband seem poised for an early exit. Are Ivanka and Kushner next on the firing block?

According to Vanity Fair, Ivanka and Kushner’s first year in the White House has gone horribly wrong, with the magazine going as far as to say the couple has found themselves in a “world of s**t.”

Shortly after Trump took power, Ivanka stepped into a role usually reserved for the first lady, and she has spent the past year speaking at events overseas, meeting with lawmakers, and hosting politicians at her home in Washington. Kushner, meanwhile, holds a senior advisory position in Washington, and he is rumored to be one of the targets in Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s alleged ties with Russia.

President Trump has already made it clear that he will not tolerate scandals in his administration, and it’s a very real possibility that Mueller’s investigation could lead Jared Kushner stepping down. As far as Ivanka Trump is concerned, she has also morphed into a controversial figure ever since her father took office. In fact, AOL reports that Ivanka recently came under fire over her poor choice of words when talking about stay-at-home mothers.

“Indeniably it’s very expensive to raise children that is you’re a stay at home parent who’s investing in potentially after school activities, mommy and me classes, food and whatever it is that they think is the best investment to help their family and their children,” Ivanka shared.

Ivanka and Donald Trump
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Ivanka received a lot of backlash on social media for her comments. Some pointed out that “indeniably” isn’t a word and that buying food for your kids is not typically viewed as an investment. Others thought Ivanka’s comments reflect her rich upbringing and prove that she’s never had to pay for anything herself.

Although Ivanka and Kushner are in a tight spot, leaving Washington and returning to New York may not be an option. Trump’s presidency has divided a lot the couple’s former friends in New York and has damaged the family’s brand. If they do step down from their posts in the White House, returning to the family business will be harder than it sounds.


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have not commented on their future in President Trump’s White House.

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