Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Not Wanted Back In New York City, Says Family Friend

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner aren’t wanted back in New York City, a family friend tells Vanity Fair. The friend also insists that the couple are in a “world of s**t” in Washington, D.C.

Emily Jane Fox wrote a piece about Ivanka and Jared and how the two have missed their mark and lost credibility as political influencers in D.C. with President Donald Trump’s administration. The Robert Mueller investigation into Russian collusion has cornered both the first daughter and her husband. Kushner could be facing some severe legal consequences for his actions since it’s speculated that he’ll more than likely be indicted in the Mueller probe.

The article delved into Trump and Kushner’s future upon returning to New York, which doesn’t sound promising. The old life they had is long gone, and it’ll be a different place in terms of their societal status when they go back, whenever that may be.

President Trump has remarked himself that his daughter and son-in-law had a good life in New York before they moved to Washington, according to multiple sources. He’s aware that Ivanka has taken a hard hit in the press. Vanity Fair’s article acknowledges the political portfolio Ivanka has in pushing her child tax credit plan, but overall she and Jared have dealt with several upheavals in the White House like the “rich kids” they really are. Ivanka and Jared’s “old life in New York, of course, no longer exists for them as it did,” insiders have disclosed to the magazine. As the report adds, Trump and Kushner’s “social circle has shifted, real-estate prospects are waning, and widespread negativity awaits.”

Ivanka Trump might have once “held court” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual All Hallow’s Eve benefit many close friends of the couple’s would attend, but she was noticeably absent this year. She and Jared have felt ostracized by their longtime friends and acquaintances. Jared summed it up to being like an “exfoliation” of people who “didn’t have a lot of character.”

A source close to the family says underneath it all, Jared is “sweating” and Ivanka is like her father in that she’ll just “blame the media” for any downfall she’s had by giving up everything to be in Washington.

“They’re in a world of s**t,” says the family friend. “He may seem cool, but he’s sweating, and she’s like her father. She’ll never acknowledge it and [will] blame the media. But she’s been working on her reputation forever, and now it’s going to suffer horrifically. And for what?”

When will Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner part ways with Washington, D.C.? Chatter about when they’ll finally have enough of the negative drama continues, but they’re not signaling any intentions to leave. Some sources have predicted they’ll decide to leave by next summer or that they’ll do a six-month review of their lives and make decisions based on that.

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