New Footage From 'Venom' Set Shows Tom Hardy Taking A Fall And Interacting With The Symbiote

Production for Venom has been underway for a little over two weeks now, and footage is already starting to leak from the set. In a new behind-the-scenes clip, Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock) can be seen interacting with something imaginary, which fans are assuming is the symbiote.

In the clip, Hardy comes from out of nowhere and takes a pretty big fall onto padded mats. Then the footage cuts to the actor laying on the floor where the mats originally were. He then stands up and begins walking down an alleyway quite groggily.

After a few paces, Hardy notices something to his right which makes him do a doubletake. Whatever he is looking at startles him, and he jumps back in surprise. Eventually, he appears to begin poking at it.

He alternates between feeling the mysterious object and touching his own face. Things seem to get heated when he continues to point at whatever he sees in an angry fashion. There is no audio for his voice, but the actor is obviously upset with whatever (or whoever) he's interacting with for the shot. Eventually, Hardy ends up walking away peacefully. The video can be found here.

Fans of Venom say it's a no-brainer that Hardy was interacting with the symbiote in this behind-the-scenes clip. His character, Eddie Brock, was a journalist for the Daily Bugle; the same publication where Peter Parker (Spider-Man) worked as a photographer. Eventually, Brock is taken over by a symbiote and transforms into the villain, Venom. Venom has long been a nemesis of Spider-Man, but on occasion, he is an anti-hero who kills those who harm or threaten innocent people.

The rights to Venom belong to Sony, which also long held the rights to Spider-Man. However, Sony and Marvel Studios reached an agreement which lets both production companies use the character. This is not the case for Venom, as the character solely belongs to Sony.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man is likely to interact with Hardy's Venom, as the Homecoming actor confirmed he would in an interview. confirmed the report but when this interaction takes place remains to be seen. The studio is rumored to be aiming for an R-rating according to Collider, so Holland's very PG-13 version of Spider-Man would have to adapt.

Epic Stream states the Venom storyline will be drawn from the Lethal Protector stories in the comics. If this is true, the symbiote will have been artificially constructed, as opposed to coming from outer space. In the comics, Brock battles with the idea of suicide as he is suffering from cancer. The artificial symbiote suit was created to cure diseases, so it's possible Brock takes on the suit voluntarily, as opposed to being overcome by it.

Alongside Hardy, the film stars Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and Reid Scott.

Venom is set to debut on October 5, 2018.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]